Personality Profiling: Nowhere To Hide

There’s been a lively debate over the weekend in my Money-Making Magic Google Group about personality profiling. A new member but a colleague of old asked about Wealth Dynamics which I use with all my clients and we went back on forth on that one which led to discussions about the Enneagram, MBTI and a funky new test, which is free to take, about your Spiritual Personality.

  • In Wealth Dynamics I am a Creator.
  • In MBTI I am an ENFJ.
  • In the Enneagram I am a 7 (although that fluctuates)

And in the Spiritual Personality test, the new one, I am a “Devaier type, number 9. Devaier means the artist, the creative force in the planet, the one who not only creates beauty but change itself.”

And here’s my take on all these tests, following some sensible advice I received from Dr Richard Bandler when I took my NLP Practitioner training with him. They are a guide only. They are not cold, hard facts to be taken as a straight-jacket or prison sentence. There’s nowhere to hide within your profile, they do not provide excuses why you can or cannot do something. They do provide useful pointers about how to know yourself better perhaps and how you interact with others the way you do and why you love certain things and loathe others.

Your profile results are only a road map, they are not The Way or The God’s Honest Truth.

I’d be fascinated to read how knowing your various different types of profile has helped you as an entrepreneur? Do leave a comment and share please.

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