Pick One Thing to Make a Difference Today

hand-895592_640One of my clients brings something very useful to our calls, from her own training. And it is this. She takes a little time at the beginning of the call to work out what it is she wants to take away from the call today.

And on our most recent call she picked “One thing I can do to move forward”.

It occurs to me that whether or not you are working with a coach you might often find yourself in that place too, where to find the one thing you can do to move forward would be very useful.

It’s a little trick I find which is useful for people who are in overwhelm, or feeling not very workish, or under the weather. Just pick one thing.

One thing often gets the ball rolling. You either tick something off your list which releases energy, so that in itself is valuable. Or you feel better for being a doer rather than just thinking about doing. Or the rush you get from having done the one thing encourages you to do more. The second thing doesn’t take quite so much effort.

You can even trick yourself a little bit more if you want to by saying (or pretending) you are not going to do the WHOLE of the one thing, you’ll just start it and see how you go. And then you find it is not so daunting or more enjoyable than you’d anticipated and before you know it, the job’s a good ‘un.

Sometimes we have an off week – or month! – or are feeling below par for any number of reasons. Picking one thing you can do to move yourself forward today is useful to remember in times like those. Sometimes it’s not the logical thing either, not the thing you should be doing but the thing you feel most inclined to do. Go with your intuition here.

One thing today or this week, and another tomorrow or next week, they all add up usefully.

One thing feels doable where a whole list does not, it feels anything but.

So start now. Pick one thing you can do to move yourself forward. And pick another one immediately afterwards or tomorrow or next time you have this opportunity.  Just start. Just pick one. Many a beautiful thing has been built one brick at a time.

And often it is the thing you are longing to do, not the thing you are dreading. See if you can find someone else to either do that one with you or for you.

Start with the lovely thing and let me know how it goes.

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