Pink and Perky -v- Dark: Podcast Ep 155

Today on the podcast the client challenge of the week is that (again) there is no challenge. So thinking fast and on our feet, Nicola tells me of two people she’s talked with this week about how quickly things are changing in the world of online marketing and what you would do today if you wanted to get a product or service up for sale online. We talk about connecting (say) and piece of audio or video content, with an email opt-in page and an opportunity to buy something et voila! Job’s a good ‘un. And this was before later in the day I explained to yet another willing victim the folly of trying to persuade potential clients and customers away from their favourite shiny busy popular playgrounds (pink and perky) to your tiny little obscure website which never gets any traction (dark).

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In other news this week, Nicola’s had a very useful houseguest who’s done the washing up and stacked the woodpile for winter and opened a few social doors in Stoupa with her chutzpah. And I told her about manifesting my worse fear last Friday by falling over flat on my face. No injuries sustained except some whopping bruises which I am treating with a wonderful balm comprised of arnica, comfrey and calendula.

I also explain that the pro photos are in and I am thoroughly delighted but that something occurred while looking at them. In the ones I have chosen to use with my work, I am pink and perky. And quite right too. But that in my more personal profile shots an altogether much sadder and darker Judith is reflected, and that’s how I feel about my life right now as a 62 year-old woman who’s had her pension snatched by the government, who’s lost her dream island to Hurricane Irma, who’s endured a month of evil sciatica and a pratfall, and who tries to make sense of a world in which both Trump and Brexit even exist, let alone appear to have the upper hand for now.

Nicola’s happy that her Gatwick workshop is nearly full up even before the expiry of the early bird booking period and that she’s been on the receiving end this week of three invitations to be on podcasts.

I choose Goodies for my word of the week and Nicola chooses Adjust. She’s adjusting to life after her sister and house guest have left on an Easyjet flight today, and I tell how I fossicked about for a word to describe the things I give away at my website without wanting to use either Freebies or Resources this time around.

In project updates Nicola tells of her first forays into using Facebook Ads to market our podcast and that we wait to discover if affordable clicks translate into download numbers. I tell her I felt inspired to slightly revamp and simplify my own website earlier in the week bringing it down to just three choices – Read My Book, Book a Consultation and Join a Group, knowing happily that I have choices (PWYW and Big Talk) for those who cannot afford a consultation or who are not groupies or joiners.

In the final section, who or what’s impressed, we were running out of time and I had two things to report but cut one telling Nicola only about my PWYW stats now that I have been offering it for three years to visitors to my website and returning and future clients. I’m really pleased with it and it provides more opportunities to be helpful and to get paid for work I love. And Nicola impresses me with Wavve which enables you to share your audio content to video on social media.


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