Places in My Heart: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Two

IMG_0755Do you remember Charlene? She’d been to Georgia and California, Nice, Greece, Monte Carlo and Paradise, but she’d never been to me.?Meaning her, she’d never been to her? Well I’ve been to me, rather a lot, actually. But I know where she was coming from and I wonder if you do too?

I’ve been to an abundance of nice places in my life, lucky me. I’ve lived all over the UK and all over London too and I’ve travelled extensively in Europe, America and the Far East. I’ve even lived in a lot of those – Malta, Cyprus, Singapore and stayed for long months in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo.

In the States I’ve been to New York, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville, California and Florida and I’ve done some wonderful driving from Key West to the Gulf Coast, the Pacific Highway, Alligator Alley (not all on the same trip).

I’ve driven all across Europe – France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Monte Carlo, Yugoslavia and Portugal in gorgeous luxury German motor cars, a BMW 5 series and an Opel Monza. Boy, could they shift! And I’ve flown to Greece, Turkey and Dubai. And Egypt. Sunshine is what I like, bring it on. And turquoise water and delicious shellfish plucked from the sea for my delectation and delight. Turkey was an unexpected delight, so good I went twice and would return again anytime if you’re asking?

My favourite place in the whole entire world is St Martin in the Caribbean where I’ve been three times and intend to return to live there during my Sixties, but nearly as much I love Corsica (music, food, geography, a tiny micro version of France in the one island) and California (so laid back, so easy, so sunny plus great food and wine and friendly natives). They are the places in my heart, a couple of sunshiny islands. Once an islander.

I would find it difficult perhaps to find a place I could call home for any length of time, despite being also very definitely a Brit. I’m someone who keeps moving, it’s in my DNA, something all Forces children will recognise. I feel at home in Europe in the great cities of the Grand Tour, they are second nature to me, their languages, the food and the countryside and the architecture. I loved America from the moment I set foot in New York City where I’ve been three or four times including several trips to the top of the erstwhile World Trade Centre. And in California I love San Francisco, my city by the bay, where I’ve been at least three times too; I especially love Sausalito and could definitely linger there awhile.

This is an abundance. I know that. I am appreciative beyond measure, now that I come to think about it. I haven’t been anywhere since Christmas 2010 for lots of very good reasons and I am overdue a trip, I am overdue living abroad for a while too, that’s my next adventure.

But I have plans. I have abundant plans. And seeing Chef the movie last weekend made we want to do another US road trip soon, Miami to LA would suit very nicely indeed.

Where haven’t I been? TONS of places and several continents – Africa, India, Australia but I have little or no desire to go to any of those. Skandi crime has made me want to visit both Sweden and Denmark but not in the cold season. And in the UK, after London, my favourite place is Cornwall but all of our islands are green and pleasant and much of the UK is simply stonking.

Thinking abundantly and counting your travel blessings, where’s your favourite place to travel to and where would you like to live for a while? I wonder if they are the same place.

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