Business Lessons My Clients Teach Me: Plan Big

Making A PlanMore lessons I learned this week from my Club 100 clients:

When others notice your sparkly eyes, you are doing something right. Keep doing it.

When you feel the need to rebel and jump off the track for a bit of a skive, do it! Then get straight back on again, for the win. Every time you fall off or jump off, get back on.

Take lots of refreshing time off. All work and no play makes us dull and uncreative. And drained.

Do something which makes you go “GULP!” every now and again.

Plan big. We can always adjust the plan if that’s not working for you.

Wonderful days make a wonderful life and what a difference a wonderful week makes.

Keep the focus mostly on FUN.

Do you want to run a business, or do you want to make a living doing something you love? They’re distinctly different and you don’t have to do the former just for the sake of it or just because everyone else is.

Grab chill time when you can if you are a busy person. Get a cleaner too.

Do your thing. Do your thing. Do your thing. And no-one else’s, only yours. In your own inimitable way.

Travel broadens not just the mind; it also creates opportunities for magical manifestations.

Every morning is a clean slate.

Get plenty of rest, and good quality sleep. Skimp on that at your own risk. Don’t skimp on that. Please don’t skimp on that.

High achievers make long lists of things To Do and get most, if not all, of it done. It’s one route to success. There are lots of others.

Give yourself permission to power down. If that’s not working, ask me or the group and we’ll give permission to you. That way always works.

If your workshops and other offerings are under-subscribed, run them anyway and get practice, testimonials and referrals.

Communicate with others in the ways you enjoy being communicated with.

Husbands at home during the working week are a mixed blessing to a wife who normally works there in splendid isolation and has her routines. Who knew?!?!?!

If all the “shoulds” are not working for you, give ‘em up and go back to what it is you really want to be doing with your life. Do that. Start there. Allow the money to follow. We’ll find a way. Many have done this before you so I know it works.

Not all results are immediately visible.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Thank you Alison. Oddly today is my day for writing tomorrow’s newsletter and lots of thoughts like these have run through my head this week for the subject matter despite this blog being two years old. That’s because my clients are still reinforcing to me, and learning for themselves, these same lessons. So they are perennial and speak to the condition of being human. x

  2. Alison says:

    Found this through your twitter feed – love it! And what I really love as one of your clients, is that you are constantly reinforcing these nuggets of wisdom with us, and modelling them too, so it’s not just ‘on message’ soundbites, it’s completely genuine and authentic – something else you teach. Lovely!