Planning Your 2018: Podcast Ep 163

Today’s radio show is about planning your 2018. What combination of goals and intentions do you/will you use for your planning? Nicola’s got a nifty system involving 7 words which, typically, she adapts to nine! And I’m still working my way through resources by Michael Neill, Janet Conner, Moorea Seal, Hare in the Moon Astrology, TUT and Anuschka Rees’s Your Year in Review, 50 questions which might help. Nicola liked the idea of those and so I sent her the link as she said it might give her something to do on her return flight from the UK to Greece.

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We’ve both enjoyed reasonably peaceful, successful and relaxing holidays. I had a lovely day out in Canary Wharf (unrecognisable in the decade since I lived there) with an old friend I hadn’t seen for three years which was the highlight of my hols. And Nicola squeezed in some client work and a 2-day workshop at Gatwick during her UK trip.

My fire was fuelled by encouragement from Neil Gaiman to make mistakes and Nicola’s by an invitation from the ICF to be an expert panellist at an event in May, encouraging her to put on another UK workshop in the same trip.

Our words of the week are Hug (mine) and Gratitude (hers).

Our project updates include talk of my books sales to date, a re-frame about the value of my book as it relates to my newsletter and the fact that I am in profit. Nicola is happy that our holiday from the podcast has not resulted in fewer downloads and reports that after 7 episodes of the Write Club podcast, that’s not outperforming ours despite being on a leisure topic and there being a team of six sharers involved both factors we would have imagined would help to pile on the downloads.

Finally, we talk about who or what’s impressed us. Nicola has three – Pulitzer prize winning The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Dean Jackson’s podcast called More Cheese Less Whiskers and a video series called The Hidden Secrets of Money by Mike Maloney, the topic of which makes us both very angry and much ranting ensues despite our poor audio connection today. And I am impressed by the way Judi Dench described herself at the opening of her recent BBCTV show about trees.

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