Planning My 2019 Intentions

Every year I cast about for the perfect way of planning my 2019 Intentions. Here are the three I’ve discovered for use this year.

  1. What we “think” we need v what we really want. I find this very compelling. It’s another version of shoulds v wants. I don’t do shoulds or New Year Resolutions. Resolutions? Non merci. I do want comfort in the body I have, to fully accept and trust myself, to have self-compassion, self-care and freedom. And how fascinating to be reminded that those in the first column do not lead to those in the second. This resonates hugely with me. I hope you love it as much. It is worth making into a screen saver, isn’t it?

2. This wonderful piece on called Start the New Year with Love: 5 Elements of Effective Intentions. They are :

  • Clarity
  • Detachment
  • Keeping quiet about whatever you intend and why that’s a good idea
  • Not worrying about the details, and
  • Gratitude

Let me encourage you to click that link by sharing this excerpt:

“Most of the resolutions are about fixing yourself. But, you are not a problem. You don’t need to get fixed. Usually, resolutions are guided by the ego, by the belief that something is wrong with you and you need to correct it. They reflect the mentality that you don’t measure up to the expectations the world has of you and they mirror what you perceive as not acceptable within yourself. Most of the time resolutions are based in self-criticism, not love.”

3. When working with a client just before Christmas we were shining a realistic torch on her gifts. And I thought to myself I was overdue to update my own sense of that too.

Another lovely client wrote to me with her own list of what I do: engaging, writing, coaching, mentoring, inspiring and encouraging. And it’s very close to my own list which is: listening, conversation, helping, supporting, writing, podcasting, content creation and curation and creating and leading inspirational small online communities.

My job in 2019 and beyond is to make sure I do more of the things I really love, employing my true gifts.

How about you? What’s your job in 2019 and what are your true gifts? Let’s make the most of them. I do hope you’ll allow me to help you create a one-woman business of out them, or find a way to enjoy them in your day-to-day life if you feel you cannot go the business route (yet) for any reason.

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