Podcast Ep 81: Become Incredibly Selfish

Thomas J. LeonardInspired by Thomas J. Leonard’s The Portable Coach, today’s podcast tackles the first of TJL’s 28 Strategies for Business and Personal Success – Become Incredibly Selfish.

“Put yourself first. Be more independent and less “pulled” by your roles. Always remember that if it’s good for you, it’s probably good for others. Clearly communicate to others what you want and who you are. This way, people can relax and will expect less of you, thus reducing possible interpersonal conflicts.

Here are some things you can try doing:

  • Say no when you can just as easily say yes; build that muscle if it’s weak
  • Buy the brand you really want, even if it’s expensive
  • Stop helping people who don’t provide you with the same level of help
  • Ask for exceptions and special treatment when told your request isn’t possible
  • Ask vendors/service professionals to customize their services to perfectly meet your needs”

I think the first three of those bullet-points would cause me no difficulty whatsoever, but those last two… yikes! You can year us debate all five in episode 081 of OwnIt! The Podcast – Your Business and Your Life.

In other news, words of the week are Simplify and Launch, both inspired by two of the fascinating speaker intereviews we’ve pre-recorded for our Virtual Summit – Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle – on 18th and 19th June 2016, free if you can be there live.

And we talk about inventing an app for the world of artisan food, connecting up suppliers and consumers, relaxing, breathing and allowing after a week of exocets and missiles, Nicola tells the tale of a reluctant star and how to market her, and I share groovy news about my dodgy knees after taking a turmeric tablet for about 40 days. Nicola’s indispensable sister gets an honourable mention in dispatches.

Our summit audit includes 17 of the 18 interviews in the can and 17 corresponding blog posts written, the two days of the Live weekend scheduled on Trello and ready to be transferred to the website, the last push to get us over 100 Thunderclappers (thank you if you were one of those) and the tech combo we are going to use for the summit – Webinarjam + Google Hangouts + You Tube.

After all the prep, the summit now moves into a full-on marketing stage and you can free live book your seat and upgrade your summit experience here. Recordings start at just $97 if you buy before the summit weekend, and save yourself $100 too.


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