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own-it-v2-the-podcastToday marks the day of recording the 100th episode of Own It! The Podcast with my poddie partner, Nicola Cairncross. And we are going to make our own opportunity with the podcast into Challenge Opportunity of the Week.

What has our podcast ever done for us?

It has brought us both new clients.

It has consolidated relationships with existing clients.

It led to our creation of Own It! The Virtual Summit wherein we interviewed 18 entrepreneurs who run their businesses and live a life Beyond the Laptop. We turned that into our first podcast revenue by selling the recordings and we are using the income from the sales to create more sales, via Nicola’s beloved Facebook Ads.

When we started the show our focus was very much on owning and running our own businesses better, and helping and encouraging our listeners and clients to do the same. But since the summit that focus has changed and now we are starting to equalise the weight of the show with the other side of the equation, owning our lives too. As a couple of digital entrepreneurs, living and working online, and being both reformed and reforming workaholics, we have often neglected our lives. But no more! We are both on the move overseas, initially to France and Greece. We are joining the ranks of the digital nomads.

We have reached people all over the world. Our podcast is listened to in 91 countries and typically each episode is downloaded 500-600 times. Total all-time downloads are 35,645 and counting!

It has brought us rave reviews, loyal listeners and a growing audience.

Biggest surprise (to me) so far? How much and how many people hate iTunes. Who knew? Certainly not me. But if that’s you, you can find us on Stitcher, see below.

And the real opportunity is all before us. What can we do next? What do we have in our sights?

  • We’d like to get into the top 40 of the top 100 of What’s Hot in Management and Marketing (we are currently at about #80)
  • We’d like to create more sales of our summit recordings
  • We’d like to be listed in recognised authority collections of entrepreneur podcasts
  • We’d like to win an award
  • We’d like to attract a sponsor who’d like to get in front of our audience
  • We’d like to grow our audience to 100,000 by episode 200
  • We’d like to be regularly attracting new clients to both of our businesses
  • And I’d like to guest more on other people’s podcasts

In order to achieve that list of intentions for our own micro business, which is very much how I see this business asset now, we need to create a marketing plan for it and that’ll be next on our list.

Whilst I will never tire of business, being a entrepreneur through and through going all the way back for very nearly forty years, I confess I am much more interested in creating a wonderful life for myself and for my clients where owning your business is just a very stimulating part of that wonderful life, a part which is also fun and money-making.

My business ambitions for myself are gone. But my ambitions for my clients or for our podcast listeners are not. My mission, to the extent that I have one now or at all, is very much about making the journey for those who come after me smoother, faster, and easier and my goal is to ensure that the podcast is a vital part of that for those who love largely ad-free radio.


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