Podcast Ep 101: Big City Success Story

chicago-143888_640As a small business owner, how important is where you live? Do you need to live in a big city with plenty of opportunity in order to be successful? That’s the topic of the day in episode 101 of our podcast – Limited by Geography or Limited by Belief.

This Client Challenge of the week left me rather confused, until I worked that the lady in question felt she had been “fed” this “strange” belief and that it wasn’t so much the geography which was limiting her, as the hypnotic effect of the advice she’d bought into and accepted as gospel.

The truth is that you can live wherever you like and be successful in business or anything else these days. OK, you might have to travel to events or the places where you want to meet people and demonstrate your skills, services and talents, but there’s nothing that limits you geographically if you are prepared to travel when necessary. Or have people travel to you.

Nicola describes meeting some of the pivotal people in her life. Some of those were in London and in the USA, but two she mentioned (myself included) were in her home town of Worthing. She didn’t even need to travel, I came to meet her at home, the B&B where she ran her workshops at the time.

The lady who provided us with the topic for debate described herself as a small town “country gal” at heart and I recommended that, if that’s what she loves, she go back there and pronto. Interesting to note though, before she goes, that the list of things she likes include nature, lakes, marinas, people, and coffee shops. And apart from nature, I happen to know – because I’ve been there –  that lakes (some of the finest in the world), marinas, people and coffee shops abound in the city where she’s living right now.

So, for me, she’s simply confused. She can go and live where she likes, and take her desire for entrepreneurial success with her and prosper in the country. Or she can stay where she is and appreciate the lakes, marinas, people and coffee shops right under her nose. But success is possible wherever you live, as both Nicola and I are about to discover as we take our businesses on the road.

Wherever I go, there I am. Warts and all.

Currently my business is based at my home in London but my geography is irrelevant as I work 100% online so that one day this would be possible, the opportunity to travel with my business.

But if I had never set up my business like this, I wouldn’t be able to have clients right now in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, other parts of England, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand, ‘cos I wouldn’t have met them in London however hard I tried.  And lots of those I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in real life too, after the event.

Because travel is just what we do these days, especially those folk who like to see the whites of your eyes, shake your hand and give you a hug. But in my current reality that comes later, not at the beginning.

Of course, if you have a shop then all this is meaningless nonsense, unless you are selling online too, of course, and shipping all over the world and in that event we go back to geography being no barrier to your success. And the other way in which it would read as balderdash is if 100% of your business comes from face-to-face networking (shudder). But then… you could do that on the road too, couldn’t you? Or even in the country at the nearest hub or market town.

You pays your money and you takes your choice. I reckon in 2016 that geography is irrelevant. Any limitation to our success is usually mainly of our own making. What do you think?

In other news, Nicola is packing up to go to Greece (she’ll be there by the time you read this), she’s found a new niche for the funnel-building part of her business (middle-aged digital nomads, whose ranks she also joins this month).

Our words of the week are Liberated (how Nicola feels) and Impatience (what my clients feel, don’t we all these days?).

We talk about marketing the podcast and decide upon four initiatives to implement immediately.  Nicola’s excited to have discovered some dosh in a pension she’d forgotten she had, and I’m enjoying my new Five Minute Journal daily ritual.

My big excitement of the week is having discovered the significantly improved reach and engagement I am achieving on my Facebook Page using Notes. Here’s my client Alison Read explaining how to do that – easy as pie, do join in.


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