Podcast Ep 103: Video and Audio Marketing

i-love-my-life-robbie-williamsThis week in episode 103 of Own It the Podcast, Nicola and I debate how to make full marketing use of the wonderful content you have created in audio and video formats. Just like writing a book and publishing it on Amazon doesn’t guarantee sales unless you market the book, the same applies to your You Tube videos and audio and podcast content.

So we brainstorm the various ways in which you can do this. I explain my genius idea of putting our podcast on YouTube even though that is ostensibly first and foremost a video platform. Apparently many people don’t watch the pictures (me included) so it’s another way of us extending our audience. Plus it is the second largest search engine after Google so we think having our audio content on YouTube will be useful for our listeners and that a new audience may find us there.

Nicola goes all techie (in a way which even I could understand) and usefully talks about titles, keywords, being tightly targeted, titles, descriptions, transcriptions, tags, and internal links on You Tube and external links to your website and social media channels and how to get the mix and number of those right in ways which are abundant and approved by YouTube and Google.

In other news, our words of the week are International and Vibration. And I share my new anthem of Robbie Williams’ latest Love My Life.

Our fires are fuelled by Vishen Lakhiani’s The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and incoming testimonials, that’s Nicola and me respectively.

Nicola’s settling into life in Stoupa and has been plagued this week by the mozzies, a blocked loo and a bad back due to not having yet secured the optimum office chair. A trip to Kalamata beckons.  She’s signed up for a rather woo woo course which she thinks may help her combine her websites and projects into one at this crossroads in her life.

And we are impressed by people we’ve met and clients we admire.


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