Podcast Ep 104: Choosing a Coach Mentor

kindle-1097603_640Today on Own It! the Podcast, Nicola and I reminisce about how and why and when we became coaches and mentors, how we chose our first coach mentor ourselves, and how, when and why we choose to continue to make that investment today. We talk about Rachel Turner and Michael Neill.

Listen here to episode 104.

In other news, we talk about Nicola’s attempt to find kindling at Katerina’s superstore in Stoupa, then discovering that her path to and from the shop is strewn with sticks! And my taking part this month in NaNoWriMo and upping my game generally when it comes to writing.

We pick One and Hubris as our words of the week, the latter being the title of my NNWM book project for November 2016. You heard it here first, though whether or not I shall ever choose to publish this very personal memoir remains to be seen.

I describe the high vibes I am getting in Module 2 of The Manifestation Game and Nicola talks about her initial thoughts and feelings, having signed up for My Spirit Business.

In Project Updates we are very much focussed on the podcast. Last week we had the idea to upload our podcasts to You Tube and it sounded easy. Nicola and her sister Sarah are working out how to do that to their own podcast first, Swagger & Soul, and then will move on to adapting what they learn to ours, Own It! And I share some intel I’ve gleaned about how the iTunes charts work which seems to be at odds with what we had previously believed and suggests that subscribers are our holy grail when it comes to podcast success, not download numbers.

I’m impressed by Lambeth Council’s refuse department laying on a special bin collection for disgruntled moi, and Nicola is impressed by a TED talk from Dr Jordan Peterson of SelfAuthoring.com who says that journalling is proven to make us happier, healthier and more productive. I never doubted it.


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