Podcast Ep 106: Archetypes

water-464953_640Lots of my clients are interested in archetypes and have taken Cerries Mooney’s free test. Today in episode 106 of Own It! the podcast we talk about how Nicola has been led further down this path by her My Spirit Business course. She educates the listeners about the clarity it brings knowing your archetype and your shadow side, and how knowing the archetype of your ideal clients mean you can speak to them in their language in your marketing materials.

She mentions lots of resources including books by Neil Asher on Amazon SEO, The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell and Christopher Booker’s The Seven Basic Plots and they are all linked to from the shownotes for #106 at our website OwnItThePodcast.com.

If you take the archetype test and want to pop into our Facebook Group and join the discussion about how this has been useful to you in your business, we’d love that (see below for a handy link). Nicola says she is an Alchemist/Creator, some of her ideal clients are too and the rest are Innocents. And I am a Sage. No surprises there. I’d love to know if you feel your archetype fits you like a glove or that knowing it has confused you still further.

I wrote a blog post about the seven basic plots in 2014. Here’s a link.

In other news, our words of the week are Books (writing them, not just reading them) and Reinvention (it’s all the rage, everybody’s doing it).

We talk about the Supermoon in Taurus, creative tension, storytelling, blogging and PWYW (pay what you want) – twice!

Sarah’s worked out how to get our podcast onto YouTube relatively easily and it has taken her three weeks to solve that puzzle, so good on her for her fortitude, always one of her strengths.

Nicola tells the story of missing the bus and the kindness of a stranger who gave them both a lift back to Stoupa, and I rave about Black is the New Black on BBC2 all about black Britons who have achieved success in fashion, music, politics, public service, acting and more. High achievers, all beautifully presented and photographed in loving HD. Total inspiration for me about people who have the gene to succeed irrespective of race, colour, creed or upbringing. And how they, in turn, took their inspiration from other black Britons. Wonderful stuff. Don’t miss it.


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