Podcast Ep 107: Your First Million Online

money-163502_640In episode 107 of Own It the Podcast, Nicola and I debate making your first million online. I don’t believe it can be done. Nicola hasn’t done it, I haven’t done it, none of our clients have done it. But Nicola’s met people who have done it and she still firmly believes in the dream of internet millions.

As does Cathie, who provides us with fodder for today’s Client Challenge of the Week which gives rise to a lively debate about what Cathie can achieve online in those ten years, and what not. And whether or not she should instead be following her passions, at which she hints in her question to us. One thing’s for certain, she’ll never regret learning how to market herself and her business online using internet marketing principles.

Cathie’s question reminds us of those who have done very well online including Jo Barnes who we interviewed in our 2016 Podcast Summit and Jeni Hott, the 7-figure blogger, who Nicola has interviewed in the past too.

In other news, our words of the week are Delight and Clarity. Nicola’s been given the singular honour of a loyalty card at Katerina’s Supermarket in Stoupa. And I’m anticipating my December off from 1-2-1 coaching and tidying up in preparation for clients coming and going and renewing and graduating and how to work with those in the first fortnight of the final month of 2016 when my online diary is very definitely offline!

I’ve met two new people in my virtual world via my Entrepreneur of the Day calls, Jillian in the UK and Gillian in the USA. I do love meeting new people without leaving home! And Nicola’s been surveying women aged 45+ about their challenges online and their attitudes to money which appear to be eternal. That’s where she met Cathie.

Nicola’s also been experimenting with memes for our podcast on Instagram and you can hear that moment when she spots a flaw in her measurement plan and puts on her thinking cap about ways to solve that.

We are impressed by Greek ingenuity and efficiency and the Merrymaker Sisters’ App which launched at #1 on Ozzie Amazon – Get Merry – Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes. We also interviewed those lovely girls in our summit and I reckon they are another business model and inspiration for this week’s challenge girl, Cathie.


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