Podcast Ep 108: Taking Responsibility

In today’s episode of Own It! the podcast, we discuss taking responsibility for your own actions as the best way to get results. Nicola is surveying her ideal client and is somewhat surprised to discover they still struggle with the same old questions of where to get information you can trust and how best to implement it, when she’s given away and sold and recommended loads of it over the years.

This gives rise to a debate about why we think people are still struggling with these issues when there’s so much available information for free on the web, for £9.99 in a book, and for a larger investment in a How To course.

  • Are people disillusioned and cynical? Yes!
  • Do they want overnight results? Yes, don’t we all??
  • Are they prepared to take responsibility for their own actions and results, or lack thereof? Apparently not, no. Well some are, and quite a few of those are my clients, learning to be confident business owners.

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In other news this week, we decide what we are going to spend podcast funds on in order to increase our audience, more Facebook page Likes and boosting our new FB Notes.

Our words of the week are Incendiary and Intangible.

I’m having a coffee crisis which leads to me opening with a rant on the lack of customer service I am experiencing and I hope that during the show two couriers will arrive, one to collect part of my problem and the other to solve it. But that doesn’t happen and sadly I remain uncaffeinated.

Nicola recommends a book by Mark Manson called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life which unusually I immediately add to my Wish List at Amazon, the sample is tempting and I’d shared a typically forthright blog post of his in the last week, so clearly he and I share a vibe right now.

Nicola tells us about her night out having dinner downtown with the neighbours and ending up with cocktails at Bar 360. I talk about the New Moon on 29th November (ancient history by the time you read this, but still relevant perhaps) and we are impressed by Casey Neistat who has sold his Beme App to CNN for $25m and by Ed Balls who got me to change my mind, not about his dancing, but about his involvement in Strictly Come Dancing.

Check out why it was Nick Robinson of the BBC who predicted that the nation would come to love Balls and read what he says in the video contained in this Radio Times article. Or watch at 9 minutes 16 seconds into this video:


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