Podcast Ep 110: Celebrating and Summing Up 2016

candles-1891199_640In episode 110 of Own It! the podcast, Nicola and I record our Christmas show and document our highs and lows of 2016 which include my nearly selling my London home, and her actual move to Stoupa in Greece. We discuss what prompted that move, Daphne’s book* and our virtual summit in June, and she rattles through the places she’s been, the people she’s met, and the books, podcasts and TV shows which have inspired and entertained her.

The show was recorded on 14th December and neither of us were very Christmassy yet but knew we would be by the time the show goes out live on 23rd December and so instead I talk about being bathed in supermoon moonlight, a video about guinea pigs and sprouts (!), Bruno Mars on Carpool Karaoke and I sort out a question we raised in last week’s show – is St Nick Santa Claus? Yes!

Old Santeclaus with much delight
His reindeer drives the frosty night
O’er chimney tops and tracks of snow
To bring his yearly gifts to you. 

In  other news, there’s plenty today. Nicola talks about her new love, a piece of software called Deadline Funnel, and her excitement about beta testing her app. She’s proud that she’s got to grips this year with ordering online, including for delivery to Greece. I appreciate my ability to have spent six month living with less and having missed almost none of it, my new low-carb lifestyle, getting back to writing every business day and Facebook Notes.

Our words of the year are Resilience for Nicola and Word for me.

We round up podcast news, reflecting on the creation of our virtual summit in June and the fact that we have managed to get another 52 episodes in the can, including five in August where I was lucky enough to get five wonderful women to cover for me while I was on holiday. That opportunity will arise again in 2017 so if you’d like to do that, please get in touch. Criteria are that you must work with clients in business and/or marketing and that you bring Client Challenge of the Week with you when it’s your episode.

We finish up today’s episode with our people of 2016 and mine are *Daphne Kapsali, Andy Murray and Ed balls, and Nicola’s are her children, Nelson & Phoebe, her sister Sarah – and me!


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