Podcast Ep 111: Envisioning 2017

In the New Year episode of Own It! the podcast, Nicola and I talk about our hopes and dreams, goals, plans and intentions for 2017. She talks about her new signature program, coming soon, and her app, her own books she wants to publish and her travel plans.


I talk about writing and speaking on bigger platforms than just my own, so finding gigs as both a columnist and a radio show phone-in host for small business owners. I do both of these things already on my own blog and Small Business Big Magic but it is still my dream, goal, hope, plan and intention to reach and help even more solopreneurs than I can just via my own website and groups.

In other news, Nicola is excited about Instagram Live (the show was recorded on 14th December) and me about two weeks holiday, Christmas Day at my brother’s, feeling good about life, about myself and about 2017.

Nicola’s gift to herself is a DSLR camera and she tells us what she’s going to do with it while I try to talk her down from buying a drone (!). I describe seeing my work in 2017 as about Consultation and Conversation, letting clients pick my brains (consult) and giving them space to talk about stuff (converse). I have capped Club 100 and explain why but there’s always room to expand Small Business Big Magic.

My fire has been fuelled by feedback from two clients about SBBM, both of whom are podcast listeners:

“Done. Thank you. I love these quick fire conversations on here. I’ve learned that they literally save me from days of deliberating this, that and the other.”


“One of my favourite of the twelve gifts on your list, is a favourite because it’s so much more than I expected. It’s the gift of this group – the safe space, the support, the community, the friendship that this group offers has been invaluable, so thank you. Having listened to you on the podcast, and read your writing, I was fairly confident you’d be a great coach, but your role as shepherdess should be emphasised more. Bringing all us lambs together in one place and encouraging us to connect and support each other has created a unique space for which I’m very grateful to you, and of course to my fellow SBBMers. x”

Don’t tell me your own fire would not be fuelled by two such lovely little squidgers? I think being called a shepherdess is very Christmassy and it led me to the image I have chosen to go with this post.

I beg Nicola and all our listeners not to let me commit to anything which lasts for 365 days, except 2017 itself.

We choose our words for 2017. Nicola’s is Focus. Mine is Struggle, not because I intend to manifest struggle, but because I notice it is a word my clients use very often to me and my goal is to continue my work to get them to Stop It Immediately! I also notice that podcast episode #47 called Addicted to Struggle is our most shared.

When it comes to talking about project updates (all about the podcast itself), Nicola lets me lead this week as she did last. I tell her I think that our laughter is the thing I most enjoy about our podcast and that we shouldn’t let our disagreement be a problem as creative tension makes the show more interesting. We are two very different people and our yin and yang means we will always have differing opinions about stuff and we should toughen up a bit about that and not tiptoe round each other quite so much.

We’ve had tech challenges since she’s been in Stoupa, mainly to do with the quality of audio at my end, oddly, better this week in which we record our two seasonal episodes. I think we have the opportunity to shake up the shape of the show for 2017 and beyond and that we might re-visit our own podcast website as I feel we could be too close to it and missing a trick or two.

When it comes to who or what’s impressed us both or will in 2017 Nicola chooses those who embrace new technology and make it fit and serve their businesses and I pick those who commit to their own dreams, plans, goals and intentions for their businesses and their lives, echoing the name of our show.


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