Podcast Ep 112: Game Changers

game-259109_640Today we recorded two episodes of the podcast, to catch up after our extended break over the holidays. It’s always quite testing to do two in one day because we have to make whatever we’ve done in the last seven days stretch across the two episodes within the space of two hours.

In the first of the two, episode 112, we caught up with our news over the last fortnight, turkey, tiramisu, lunch with the neighbours for Nicola and discovering one of them had a drone (her current must-have). And I talked about lunch with Lorna, a day spent with Sharon, a trip to the beauty salon, a visit from the hairdresser and a somewhat muted Christmas Day with my brother and his family where most of my rellies were either poorly or sleep-deprived or both. Not so me and my middle neph, we were both fighting fit and on good form.

I stretched my low-carb way of eating to allow various fun and Xmassy food items like satsumas, dates, parsnips, sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing and potatoes (not all at once!) but am happy to report that I continued to lose weight and feel fantastically wellover the festive period, and that’s a first in my sixty-two Christmasses, except for the year I had the norovirus which I think was two years ago now. No booze or Quality Street, and none missed, all cravings have long since ceased.

Our fires were fuelled by me being voted onto a list of the best 20 small business blogs to subscribe to for 2017 and Nicola finding a helpful article by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits about being mindfully free of wanting people to be a certain way.

Words of the week were Stop (less is more) and Limbo, that’s N who always feels like that at Christmas-time.

Our Client Challenge of the Week concerns the opportunity to become a game changer in your life and/or your business. What would it be like to be so unique or new or different that your competitors want to become your customers? I don’t believe in competitors, not in my business, but I get the point. Nicola points us in the direction of a long list of people she thinks of as game changers including Bernadette Doyle, Marisa Peer and Byron Katie. She explains why.

Our project updates about the podcast were that download numbers, down in November, were back up again in December, which is always gratifying. My guess is that people had leisure time in which to catch up with back episodes and many told as much on our podcast Facebook Group. Do ask to join if you are a listener.

Finally we were impressed by Netflix itself for how they facilitate binge-watching within nano-seconds of one show ending and another beginning (not, I think, necessarily a good thing, I was shocked!) and we recommend our favourite shows – Vikings for Nicola and Narcos for me.

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