Podcast Ep 113: Thinking, Thoughts and How to Think

questions-1922476_640Today, in episode 113 of Own It! the Podcast, we talk about thinking.

Nicola has spotted what she calls “faulty thinking” on the part of some of the respondees to a recent survey she created, where people are perhaps looking outside of themselves, or in the wrong places, for solutions to their problems, all of which is good for her newly revamped membership site and app.

Since thinking and my mental capacity and brain are some of my very favourite things, we have an interesting debate about how we are all taught to think, or not. And Nicola offers up some models which might help, including Kaizen, thinking with your gut, Rich Schefren’s Decision Tree, and Steve Pavlina’s Broken Edges.

Nicola’s learning to be patient while her new app is approved by the App Store and I tell her about the friends I was able to catch up with during the second week of our Christmas break, Leslie, Marion and Susie.

Nicola’s fire is fuelled by having the money to set up her new business properly for the first time ever, and I am thinking of creating a new coaching group called I Love My Life. It will be my first fully PWYW (pay what you want) group i.e. joiners will be able to decide how much they want to pay to be a member.

Our words of the week are Grit and Being (not Doing).

In project updates, we review our own podcast website OwnItThePodcast.com and make three quick decisions:

  1. To put our most wanted action (subscribe via iTunes) up the top
  2. To reduce menu choices
  3. To remove the Speakpipe which hardly anyone has ever used

And Nicola reminds us that any review of your own website(s) must include looking at it through all your gadgets – computers of all sorts, phones and tablets, and through all browsers to check the different visitor experiences and adjust accordingly. She’s discovered that pop-ups can be horrid on mobile and, in that event, should be removed of course.

In who or what’s impressed, I say crime writer Val McDermid who appeared to almost single-handedly win the Christmas alumni University Challenge (there’s a programme to watch regularly if you want to increase your thinking capacity and brain power), and Nicola has fallen in love with Intercom.io which she believes enables easy and wonderful customer service.

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