Podcast Ep 114: New Year’s Resolutions

It’s twenty days into the New Year, how are your resolutions holding up? Nicola (and her sister Sarah) ask:
  • Did you make any resolutions on 1st January or thereabouts?
  • How did you decide what you want to change?
  • How did you decide what you really want in the first place?
  • What external support systems are you using to keep your resolutions?
In episode 114 of the podcast we attempt to answer these questions, despite this being a year in which neither of us made any specifics except those we discussed in the New Year episode of the podcast which was all about dreams and intentions, goals and plans.
Nicola wants to know what my clients are doing and I tell her about all the conversations I’ve been having about balance which, like success, is one of those words which means something unique to each client. And I report what I see them doing – less, by which I mean unsubscribing from inbox clutter, and using FBPurity to clean up and customise Facebook so you no longer need to see anything you don’t want to, which in my case is anything to do with Trump, and celebrities behaving badly! Less definitely facilitates balance.
We also talk about such things as FitBits, Headspace, Duolingo and various apps which gamify your success with resolutions and other changes. And I love the last question that my Five-Minute Journal asks me every day: How could I have made today even better?
The show opens with Nicola describing the cold and snow in Greece and talking about hot water bottles, her (second) new camera and the unboxing thereof, and the new Brit-centric cafe in Stoupa which serves gluhwein and encourages book swapping. And I talk about my intentions to read more, leave the house to go and see twelve movies before the Oscars at the end of February (instead of streaming them at home) for a whole different cinematic and life experience, and accepting an invitation to brunch on Sunday.
I am intrigued by two very successful business people who spent the weekend asking me “Is business always this difficult?” and Nicola is excited that her new Clicks & Leads App launches on both iTunes and in Google Play for Androids.
My word of the week is Joy to coincide with the soft launch of my new creative collaboration called I Love My Life, and Nicola’s word is one of her own creation – Vzine.
Nicola’s new app features our podcast but she’s not very happy with the way it looks yet, to be addressed in v1.2. She has a look, live on the show, at our Libsyn stats in particular regard to download numbers and takes a screen shot so we can measure whether we get more listeners via her app, and she shows us the changes she’s made to our website as discussed in last week’s show.
I am impressed by my new find and profilic crime writer Dana Stabenow; I’m enjoying her Kate Shugak series, set in the snows of Alaska. And Nicola is happy about the progress her daughter Phoebe is creating in her fledgling video biz, now working not just with Nicola but also with a fashion designer and a chef.
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