Podcast Ep 115: Finding the Perfect VA

In episode 115 of Own It! the podcast, Nicola and I debate a couple of intertwined challenges. It all stems from Nicola’s clients doing what she sees as wasting their valuable coaching time with her moaning about what’s not working, when they could be working with her to fix things.
But I see it as all part of the process. Let a client moan and vent first, let them get clear, then they are in a good and resourced place to start addressing the problem.
And today that problem comes down to finding the perfect VA. And that’s not just one diamond, but a whole raft of them. Where will you start with outsourcing? A cleaner is always a good place to start with learning the art of delegation as Nicola demonstrates by sharing with us her fear of offending the one they currently enjoy in Greece.
Assuming you crack that one, and the distinction between delegation and abdication, and you will, then the next issues appear to be how to find and how to afford the help you need, and how not to expect one person to have skills across all your needs. So you might be looking for admin and finance help for starters, another easy place to begin. And a techie VA. And perhaps a project manager ultimately, someone in charge of managing all those in the team to which you outsource, once your business grows to that size.
We also debate the true costs of doing it all yourself. If it takes you all day or all month or all year (we have seen in!) to learn how to do something that someone else wants to charge you $150 an hour for their expertise to do for you, then have you saved yourself anything at all really or just delayed your own progress?
Often our earlier experiences of delegation are disastrous and we let that put us off forever. However a more useful belief is that the “right” person is out there and you just haven’t found them yet.
In other news, our words of the week are the timely Delegation, and Drain (don’t let that happen to you).
Nicola’s excited about the launch of her app, downloaded in 7 countries so far, and press releases and the prospect of a feature in a paper much closer to her UK home than her current Greek one. She talks video idents and the acquisition cost of leads and the first draft of her vzine and imperfection. I tell her that my websit has been down for the best part of the week and that I am remarkably calm about it, and why.
Our fires our fuelled by our clients, as is so often the case. And we are impressed by Michael Russo of MyStickyQuotes.com in Nicola’s case and by Loving and Hidden Figures in mine. And Nicola bedazzles me with some stats for the download figures for our podcast, which all seem to be moving in an upward direction in line with our goals, which is ace.
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