Podcast Ep 116: Simplification

I nag and nag and nag my clients about keeping it simple. Offer your clients something they can easily understand and afford and make it easy for them to buy it too.

This week in Own It! the podcast episode 116 Nicola joins the simplification bandwagon, all fired up by a book called Simplify: How the Best Businesses in the World Succeed by Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood.

The book has taught Nicola there are two main ways to simplify your business, either by price (fifty percent less than your competition or don’t bother!) or proposition, where you make your thing so beautiful or so much easier that people clamour to use it.

Typically I asked about making your product or service 50% MORE expensive and proposition is part of the answer to my point, never one to use a budget airline myself!

Examples and case studies abound in the book including the iPhone, Uber, Air B&B and last minute hotels, and Nicola suggests that we might read these, be inspired and borrow something from them in our own businesses.

I love the concept of this book. Keep things simple in a world where we are dizzy with choice and overwhelmed by information. One woman one website. One woman one app.

In other news, our words of the week are Comma (me) and Unstoppable (her); in the event of her Facebook Ads account having been disabled, she’s unstoppable in search of a solution. I am delighted at my own patience in having waited eleven days for the full restoration of my website after a server crash on Friday 13th, and impressed by Vasanth my support guy at the hosting company, who patiently guided me through the return to full functionality.

Nicola’s got out her first vzine, and issued a whoosh to her app subscribers. She’s turned away from Meet Edgar and explains why, creating content sharing memes herself instead. I’m thrilled at an unexpected number of clients renewing in January for a full year in advance, chuffed at a client giving me a 20% payrise on my own rate, and to have attracted a long-time esteemed colleague as a client.

We’ve had a big overhaul at our podcast website courtesy of Nicola’s sister Sarah and we continue to monitor weekly download averages (500) and a new stat in Pushcrew subscribers (37). And Nicola ends by telling us about The Sales Copy Lab who are re-writing some of her sales emails for her.

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