Podcast Ep 117: Your First Online Product for Sale

They say you never forget your first, the income from your first online sale that is, and I always tell my clients that and indeed it is very exciting. The irony today is that I have forgotten my first ROFL! But I do still get a thrill from the PayPal notifications and it is no suprise to me that we are known as a nation of shopkeepers, because it feels like the tills ringing to me. I don’t know why people are apologetic about that? Ka-ching!

In today’s episode #117 of Own It! the Podcast, Nicola leads a discussion about the importance of having something on sale at your website for your visitors to buy. This might be positioned between your optin freebie (lead magnet) and the product or service which is your Main Thing.

It could be:

  1. A taster package of your expertise or services
  2. How-to information, yours or that of other people
  3. Affiliate products which you have sourced, used and recommend

In finding or creating your first paid product online, Nicola argues, you will learn a lot of very useful online marketing skills which will help you sell your main thing better and indeed this paid product will be the first opportunity for your visitors to turn into your customers. It is well known that customers are more likely to buy again from you, having done so once.

In other news this week, Nicola has been picked up by both her local newspapers here at home and in Greece where she is currently nomadding. Oops, only one d in nomading apparently. Who knew? Her son, Nelson, who is at music college, has had his EP picked up by a record label and secured his own show on local radio – woo hoo! Go Nelson. I am a bit of a fan of Nelson, actually. Nicola’s issued episode #2 of her vzine and I had to confess that at 18 minutes of amateur video I was never going to be able to watch it. She understood, thankfully. She’s been in massive creative flow this week and put up a book on Amazon in 2-3 hours using CreateSpace and now wants to do that with three books of six each of our 18 summit Laptop Lifestyle interviews, about which more later.

By comparison my week has been quiet, I am spending the day in Victoria at the Passport Office to get mine renewed for another ten years of adventuring and I mourn the fact that in my new passport photo I look like the undead. But you know what they say? If you look like your passport photo, you are not well enough to travel! Quite. And never has anyone demonstrated that more amply than me in 2017. Let’s hope it is good enough to get me across international frontiers, if not onto the front page of Vogue.

I tell Nicola about a little trial of Mobilize.io I did over the weekend with four willing clients. I am thinking of using it to replace Facebook for my three groups on there, or I was until I came up with what I think may be my even easier solution. But I liked it, I was impressed with their responses to my queries on their Facebook Page about their forthcoming app and Nicola could see it’s potential too for other uses, as did I. Oh, and it’s pretty! And free for your first 100 users.

Our words of the week are Should and Creativity, that’s Nicola’s as she’s bursting with it this week.

Our project updates section was a chat around how many books we would need to sell if we turned our 18 Laptop Lifestyle summit audio interviews into three books of six each in order to make back the $360 transcription cost (and the rest) for each book. And whether or not profits from book sales is the only reason for becoming “an Amazon bestselling author”. Still, good to know that if you want to, CreateSpace is easy and fast. This conversation started over last weekend with Nicola emailing me a brain fart (!) and has turned into a reasoned business case after I went all accountanty on her ass which threatened to drain all the creativity out of her, it must be said! Watch on whose dreams you pour reality, Peeps.

And finally I am impressed by Amanda Owen the Yorkshire Shepherdess, and Nicola by Anthony Tilley who had interviewed her for his The Solopreneur Show podcast, specifically by his nifty business plan, and his focus in the execution of it since November and his consequent impressive results.

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