Podcast Ep 118: A Week Without a Challenge

This week in episode 118 of Own It! the podcast we don’t have a Client Challenge or Opportunity of the week to debate. After 118 shows we’ve run out.

At Christmas I handed over the baton to Nicola to come every week with a new challenge as I was finding it too stressful and I am gratified that she’s run out so quickly. Now she understands why I passed on that particular monkey. A week without a challenge sounds like a good thing, but not if you are a podcaster it isn’t! There he is… said monkey, without a challenge, you’ll notice?

So instead we do find other things to debate, of course we do. We talk about avatars and archetypes, why we sign up for courses (for the structure and frameworks and not wanting to fail publicly in front of our fave gurus, in her case) and how to find new angles with which to recycle and re-purpose our old content, given that the challenges and opportunities of our listeners tend to be the same old same old, just going around again. I explain that while the challenge might be the same, what makes it different for me is the uniqueness of my client who presents with that challenge and me helping them to find an empowering solution.

Nicola has much news: her three commissioned sales letters have arrived and are reported to be very salesy (!), episode 3 of her vzine has been pubished, and she’s hovering on the brink of publishing a new book on Amazon called Mindset, Marketing & Money which is six interviews with top people she did a while back, subtitled Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal Their 3 Biggest Secrets Of Business & Online Success. It should be live on Amazon by the time you read this. She’s pretty confident too that she’s resolved the closure of her Facebook Ads account.

I talk about getting my new passport and that firing me up to get a haircut and my annual contact lens check-up, ticking “chores” off my To Do List. And I have a little rant about couriers and their failure to find my flat and why and  who saves the day – that’s Yodel and GLS in the former category, Royal Mail and Marks & Spencer in the latter.

Nicola’s going to train with Million Dollar Coach Taki Moore on the topic of webinars, and I’ve created some audio with EFT genius Georgina Noel, podcast superfan and former client. We talked about what she hears (on the podcast) as my special genius – that of turning negatives into positives. That’ll be out by the end of February and I’ll send you a link either here or on Facebook or in my newsletter, or possibly via all three!

Our words of the week are Internal and Wrong and we explain why, Nicola at some length. She shows me our latest Libsyn stats from which we can see we had our biggest ever spike in podcast downloads on 31st January with 631 on that day alone – woo hoo! This we both find very encouraging.

We are impressed by Nicola’s daughter ziplining in Wales, and Bernadette Doyle delivering five pieces of technically challenged live video tuitions on Facebook. And I wax lyrical about the well-oiled machine that is Her Majesty’s Passport Office in London SW1.


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