Podcast Ep 119: Brain Picker or Joint Venture Partner?

The topic of today’s episode 119 of Own It! the Podcast is what to do when someone approaches you with the prospect of a tempting and lucrative joint venture in which you might be interested; a share of the profits in swap for your expertise?

You give them a free consultation and advise your prospective business partner how to handle their opportunity but they keep coming back and back and wanting to pick your brain for free, at unsociable hours, without an appointment, via Facebook Messenger.

What would you do?

Nicola and I debate the number of times this has happened to us over the years and at what point you decide to convert them to paying client, if appropriate. I am reminded of David McQueen writing about The £500 Cup of Coffee.

My own system is to offer everyone an initial free consultation and then make it perfectly clear that their options are either to join one of my mentoring groups or continue to consult with me on a PWYW (pay what you want/donation) basis. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been tempted by a JV.

In discussing it with Nicola I realise that I must have got clearer in my own mind and energy around who I want to work with and how because I don’t get many approaches these days from chancers or from brain pickers or anyone who is not happy to pay my consultancy fee at a rate of their own choosing and affordability. Perhaps that’s the beauty of PWYW? Or clarity of purpose and availability?

Yippee! Today this seems like a reason for celebrating.

In other news, our words of the week are Rejuvenation and Word(s). I’ve done the optician and the hairdresser, both local, in case I have to move house in a rush at the end of this month or the beginning of next. I’m making plans to scan all my files and digitise my post and give up the printer forever, which does feel very liberating. I laugh at the telling of an email from the woman who may be trying to buy my flat by 28th February when she tells me “time is of the essence” as if I didn’t know that already, and every day since last June when we began negotiations. Tell me something I don’t know!

Nicola and I both recount the three emails we’ve received between us from former clients thanking us for the advice we gave them way back and how they are enjoying the results today, which gladdens both our hearts. And I tell listeners about my invitation to be on a national radio station as one of their regular Experts. Squeeeeeeee! Hope it comes to something but even if it doesn’t, it is nice to be asked and proves perhaps that putting yourself “out there” as I do on this website and on our podcast is an invitation in itself.

Nicola tells about her latest book on Amazon and her plans to run a 2-3 day workshop at Gatwick in April on her return to the UK. Talk about hitting the ground running!

I’m chuffed to have sorted out a couple of glitches on Mailchimp by myself, fixing brokenness and typos. I had got used to living with compromise and imperfection but it is nice to know that everything is peachy and (almost) perfect again now.

We update listeners with assumptions and stats about our podcast on iTunes, Libsyn and Pushcrew and I am a bit disappointed that it appears that podcasts are unique amongst the different forms of content marketing in that you cannot tell how listeners are finding you in order to do more of that form of marketing. It appears all to be guesswork and luck.

And we end with who and what’s impressed us this week. For me it is the rich diversity of films which in the last week alone have included, for me, Twentieth Century Women, Fences, Moonlight, Hacksaw Ridge and Denial. Nicola’s latest book recommendation is Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport, which goes back very much to our client challenge of the week and not letting people interrupt you when you are working on the Important Stuff. Bat away those distractions, People.


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