Podcast Ep 120: Persistence and Fortitude

The topic of our Own It! the Podcast today, episode #120, turns out to be about keeping on keeping on. Nicola wants to set the world on fire and talks about her tussle between the desire to set goals and intentions with the dilemma of managing her feelings if her results are not overnight. This is something we can all relate to; we are impatient and yet very enthusiastic to gain momentum in our businesses and with our ideas.

It is a topic close to my heart since I feel it too, of course. And it is something I talk to me clients about a lot. I’d already had one conversation about this earlier in the day, before recording the podcast, when a client told me that she was getting business in from marketing she’d done a year ago. But, being a typical Creator, she’s onto her next Big Idea already, of course she is, and I’m encouraging her in it too since it’s a cracker.

I’ve seen many a good business wither on the vine because there wasn’t enough start-up capital to last long enough for the tills to start ringing. We underestimate how long that can take. And we give up too soon when results appear not to be fast. We forget how long we, as customers, take to make up our minds to make any particular purchase or investment in ourselves or make any big decision in any area of our lives (and often some quite small decisions too!).

If we believe in ourselves and our products/services and we make attractive offers to customers/clients and we keep on keeping on, educating them about Our Thing(s) and what it is and how it helps, and we keep the faith, and we are a tortoise not a hare, we’ll get there. We’ll win, but it won’t be overnight necessarily, despite what we see others achieving, and we must learn how to manage our feelings while we keep on with the keeping on.

That’s the formula for success and, as we often say on the podcast, it is simple but not easy.

In other news, our words of the week are Fortitude and Comparisonitis. We update listeners with the gently rising curve in our podcast stats various, and in my own accounts.

Nicola’s big news is that she’s staying in Stoupa for longer. A neighbour has offered her his house on an indefinite rental and it has better wifi too, a boon. She’s staying up late with Taki Moore videos and I’m waxing lyrical about digitising my snail mail and being all evangelical about the ongoing (SLOW) results from my Low Carb for Life eating plan.

Can we conclude that any success in any areas of our lives and work has the potential to be slow? I hate to sew that seed, just to prepare for it in case that turns out to be the way it is. It mostly is. But not always! Be ready for the miracles too.

Nicola is impressed by Elias Hontzeas who is a local house builder and businessman in her beloved Stoupa in Greece.

And I regale Nicola with stories of Ray Kroc’s awfulness and lack of scruples in his dealings with the McDonald brothers which I have gleaned from watching The Founder. If that’s close to the truth, he was a bully and a cheat!

Persistence was Ray Kroc’s middle name and in the film you see him taking a record player and self-improving vinyl with him on the road as a travelling salesman in the Fifties. If you ask me, he took it a tad too far, but that’s business for you. Please do not allow his story to put you off!

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