Podcast Ep 121: What Do You Find Endlessly Fascinating?

Today’s episode #121 of Own It! the Podcast is all about The Oscars 2017.

I was up all night watching until 5.30 a.m.

I was inspired to get myself one of those delightful tiara-like glittery hairbands as modelled by Janelle Monae, Salma Hayek and Ruth Negga, and even to make an intention to be in the USA (preferably California) for the show this time next year.

The Oscars brought forth both my word and my inspiration for the week, producer of La La Land Jordan Horowitz who kept his head when all around were losing theirs and handled the whole Best Picture debacle with elegance and generosity in the moment. What a guy!

In other news, Nicola’s had a spooky week, her daugher’s had a video go viral, and NC herself has been invited to speak in Brisbane, offered a job in Texas and found an ideal Facebook Ads client. Generously she credits a comment I made in last week’s show as fuelling her fire. She’s also made some gorgeous FB memes to which she attributes a couple of these opportunities manifesting, and she explains how it all served to make work fun.

We are both inspired by Yvonne Halling who has changed her life 100% again, and I talk about the loss of a dear friend and coaching colleage. If you knew you were going to be taken early and at short notice, how would you change your life if at all? Would you take a leaf out of Yvonne’s book and jump without a parachute, or are you pretty happy with things as they are?

In the absence of a specific Client Challenge of the Week we talk about what we find endlessly challenging which is going to be our new way, whilst still inviting clients to bring ’em on. This conversation takes us from a podcast called Two Reds are Better Than One via Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers with it’s concept of 10,000 hours to mastery, to how to become a zulu expert at anything. We talk about luck and how that makes work feel effortless, and how that’s just as well if you are going to put in 10,000 hours!

Our words of the week are Beauty and Mistake (as made by the human beings at the Oscars 2017).

Nicola whizzes us through some Google stats for the podcast’s website, up 50% over 365 days and up 8% over the last thirty days. 80 people a day download our show, between 1600 and 2600 people a month which we both find gratifying, encouraging and inspiring. Onwards and upwards.


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