Podcast Ep 122: Making Your First Sales

Today’s episode #122 of Own It! the Podcast was the first ever where I had to say to Nicola the day before “I have absolutely zero to talk about!”  I knew when I got there that I would be able to make a half-decent contribution, but in doing my show prep on Tuesday I could only see that I’d had a quiet week for various reasons.

February’s ten calls with my clients in Small Business Big Magic ended on Tuesday 28th and, since then, I’d had given myself Thursday off. Then, on Monday, no clients showed to the Live Facebook group chat between 2 and 4 in the afternoon for members of my Club 100, and no-one showed up in the evening to the first SBBM group call of the month either.

Where is everyone? This is what I call a tumbleweed week.

So in the entirety of the week since I’d last spoken to Nicola for show #121, I’d only one 1.5 hours of coaching and, in the end, even that odd half hour was re-scheduled! So, what on earth to talk about?

I could only tell her that I’d been to the beauty salon and had my nails painted in a rather goth-like polish on Friday which I would not have chosen had I known my sister-in-law was going to text me on Saturday and invite me to Sunday lunch with my family in Surrey. Goth on a sixty-one year-old doesn’t really play all that well down the A3. It’s a bit urban for that.

I had written down on my prep sheet – rather inadvisedly – “I would like something interesting to happen” BUT one always needs to be careful what one wishes for. Take Note, Universe. I was only joking!

Our words of the week are Sell and Kindness. Nicola rattles us through some podcast stats on Libsyn and lets me guess when it comes to our having risen up the ranks from #80 in iTunes Top 100 to #79. I could tell by the way she set up the story what the jokey punchline was going to be.

We are impressed by Goliath (Billy Bob Thornton) and Startup (Martin Freeman) on Amazon Prime, Broadchurch on ITV and The Replacement on BBC. Also Gary Vee interviewing Tony Robbins about his latest book which is called Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. And although I am not in Nicola’s league when it comes to Gary Vee, we discuss an article she shared on Facebook by GV in which he talks very sensibly about content and organic website traffic.

The day we recorded the show was 8th March 2017, International Women’s Day, and I share that this year their theme and hashtag is #BeBoldForChange.

I was chuffed that Sam Bell cited me as one of four women who had inspired her, the others being Yvonne Halling, who we talked about last week in our podcast, and Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren. What illustrious and inspiring company! Thanks to Sam for saying that she appreciates me for being “calm and grounding and unashamedly [my]self in all things”. All feedback of a nurturing nature is welcome but to be recognised for the same qualities I recognise and appreciate in myself was especially heartwarming.

The Client Challenge/Opportunity of the Week was all about finding your first offer that converts and getting to that a.s.a.p. so that you can make sales and convert some of your tribe into paying customers. Nicola talks us through how she’s doing that and makes a very valid point about how if you haven’t managed it yet, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, just with your offer and the way you are bringing it to the attention of the ravening hordes hungry crowd.

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