Podcast Ep 123: How to Make Up Your Mind About Anything

In today’s Episode 123 of Own It! the Podcast we discuss how to evaluate an opportunity. How do you make a good decision when you are in two minds?

Nicola’s been invited to speak at an event in Brisbane. The invitation came from a friend whose company she really enjoys. She’d love to see him again and he’s even offered to pay for her air fare up front. So why’s she hesitating?

We talk pros and cons, limiting beliefs, struggles real or imagined, the length and arduousness of the travel to Brisbane, her lack of clarity about the event and about the city itself, and we re-frame, brainstorm and think about what I like to call invisible wins. We debate whether a glorious adventure lies within, who else she could connect with while she’s there so (relatively) close to both the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast where she knows lots of online marketers, and how about completely taking the pressure off and going just for the craic?

By the end of our toing and froing, Nicola professes her desire to go is up to six or seven out of ten. Wow! Let’s see what she decides by this time next week.

Our words of the week are Anticipation (hers) and Surrender (mine).

Nicola’s done two webinars she’s pleased with and has found a way to make a £94 sale at an ad cost of £38 and even a way to automate that. She talks about how she survived a Camtasia crash and how much she enjoys creating online courses, while I was lyrical about Spring having sprung in the UK. It is the sort of weather I find tremendously cheering, windows and doors open, sunshine, good weather to hang laundry out to and wash windows and clean cars, whilst admiring the blossom and being woken to the sounds of the first grass-mowing of the year.

I’m chuffed by a new client who came via a referral from an old one, and some fabulous feedback, testimonials and engagement after last week’s newsletter, definitely the way to this writer’s heart.

We do a quick whiz through anything interesting to know about the podcast and its performance stats-wise and discover we had double our normal daily downloads on 10th March, which is a Friday i.e. podcast-goes-live day each week. Apart from that, and the topic of 10,000 hours, there’s not much to suggest why the mini spike, something I find a smidge annoying about podcasts and quite weird since you can track that sort of thing for every other type of content it seems, except podcasts. Weird, or what?

Finally Nicola recommends Trint for transcription and talks us through how to caption Facebook videos using You Tube. And I talk about meeting a hard-working and multi-lingual Rumanian chap last weekend, someone who the Daily Mail would no doubt denigrate by calling a migrant, and I tell how he impressed me with his graft and values and how I was reminded of him a few days later when I saw this quote from Mark Twain on Facebook: “Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed”.


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