Podcast Ep 124: No Money Marketing

No money marketing: today’s podcast episode 124 of Own It! responds to a plea from a listener who has used all her funds to launch her children’s snack food product and has zero left for her marketing budget. How do you make a noise for yourself in a crowded marketplace with no money, especially when your competition are much larger companies with bottomless budgets?

Nicola whizzes through a list of things our distressed business owner might usefully consider:

  • Getting attention via Mummy Bloggers
  • Sending out samples for them to test
  • PR and press releases – who to, and how to do them well (it’s all in the follow-up)
  • Twitter for journalists
  • Instagram search app for connection with influencers who have good engagement in the healthy food niche
  • Short branded videos made by a local film student
  • Making much of your points of difference from the corporate products
  • Sharing your stories of the people, product and passion in your business
  • Look at what your “competition” does badly and do that well by way of contrast

In other news, our words of the week are Decisiveness and Slow. Nicola helps a man to make a decision and I am contemplating taking up slow hobbies now that I have re-designed my business to provide more leisure time. What, if anything, will go in the gap?

Nicola’s fallen back in love with Webinarjam and found new and better ways to use it in her business. And I tell of my Super Thursday when more than half of my clients kept reporting in with happy successes, some of which had almost nothing to do with me but I was just happy to share in their joy. At one point, Club 100 thought they’d broken me, I was that excited!

Nicola’s got a new business idea she wants to pick my brains about and I nearly spoil the show by starting off with a rant about the new laptop/tablet hand luggage ban on airplanes to/from the US and the UK involving six or seven Middle Eastern countries deemed to be terrorists threats. Why then put the laptops in the hold where they could still blow us all up? The story, as yet, makes no logical sense, smartphones are allowed but surely they could be used for nefarious purposes too? I had a sleepless night trying to work out how to keep all our businesses running whilst on the move if we are no longer allowed to take our hardware with us safely and securely. I have some ideas which Nicola and I are both already well placed to take advantage of.

Nicola updates me with 7 days’ stats on the podcast’s performance on Pushcrew, iTunes and Libsyn, none of which set either of us on fire, but then I remember that seven days isn’t very long in the marketing life of any business, ’tis true.

And we are impressed by those capable of fluency of complex thought and humour in their second and subsequent languages, that’s Iraqi PM Mr Abadi and my former client now FB pal Cristina respectively, and by Konsus.com which offers a connection exchange for the more discerning contractor and freelancer.


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