Podcast Ep 125: Stop Shopping Start Selling

  • How to stop shopping and start selling.
  • Has marketing turned us all into junkies where we think an online purchase constitutes taking action?
  • Why do we feel we need to learn the whole of the internet “just in case” when it would be better to focus on just what we need right now, “just in time”?

That’s the challege Nicola and I debate in today’s show, episode 125 of Own It! the Podcast. We talk about buyer’s high and how the best thing to do with fabulous marketing which makes you want to buy is simply to observe it and then replicate it, if that’s the results you want – the tills ringing! Stop shopping and start selling.

Nicola and I both feel that we provide shortcuts to our clients saving them time and money and effort and heartache. Why then do they insist on going off to investigate things we have already worked with and rejected in favour of something better? Why do we all insist on learning for ourselves, from scratch, when we are already paying for expertise from those who have walked these paths before us?

I try to persuade Nicola to get her clients to agree to a pact at the end of each call, that they will go off and do what’s been agreed, no less and no more. And trust that the advice and the direction to which they have been pointed is the best and fastest route for them, without our having to explain every detail of why, except in exceptional circumstances and in order to help clients understand the why if/when necessary. It isn’t always necessary; much can be taken on trust. After all, you’ve hired an expert to help and advise you.


In other news, my word of the week is Piecework and I talk about encouraging clients not to exchange time for money with an hourly rate, but move instead towards project or value billing, quoting for a whole job where your hourly rate is disguised. Once a client knows your hourly rate, it is impossible to increase it without losing those clients who are wedded to that rate, even as your skillset improves and with it your frustration at not being able yet to earn a decent living. Your hourly rate limits you. Putting it up requires you to start fishing in a whole new pond of those who can easily afford you, just like starting over.

Nicola’s word is Independence, in particular regard to the best way to have a car at her disposal in Greece without knocking her off her new healthy and daily walking regime. We talk about driving across Europe and I counsel her against doing that in an old banger in December, which is amusing in the context of other things we discuss in the show, namely worry. I also slag off her driving, in the interests of her health and safety of course.

It’s only a couple of weeks until Nicola and Sarah return to the UK for a few months and she tells me about a new drop-dead gorgeous waiter at their local cafe who has them both all of a jitter with his twinkliness.

I’m impressed by three friends who have come to London from Cardiff twice in recent months to march for their political beliefs, demonstrating democracy in action. I am impressed by their commitment to march and sing for their beliefs and causes, not least because it takes up valuable weekend time and costs time and money and energy. I am also impressed that they do it as a family unit of three, all equally committed. Margaret, Bec and Lynn, I’m talking about you Lovelies. Thank you for all you do in my name.

We are encouraged that our 10-day listening/download stats on Libsyn are “up strongly” and surmise that is because we asked people in last week’s show to share it with just one other person they thought might enjoy Own It! the Podcast. If everyone did that for us all the time, or as often as it occurred to them, we’d achieve our audience goals. Thank you for your support in paying it forward.

Nicola talks about noticing sales of her Be Everywhere Online product from people aged 55-75 on Instagram and that comes as a good surprise; can she afford to give up FB Ads then, or do they help to raise awareness?

And I talk about how we all worry too much and how it all works out well in the end. I’m going to make that the topic of my newsy newsletter as I’ve observed it in myself and my clients a lot in these last few days. Also how working with a very upbeat colleague who signs off her emails with “don’t worry, be happy” and “everything’s working out perfectly” brings precisely that about in both our lives. Vibes are so important to manifesting the results you desire.


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