Podcast Ep 126: Comparisonitis Revisited

On today’s episode #126 of Own It! the Podcast we revisit comparisonitis and how it creates a low vibe by taking you into a downward spiral of demotivation then paralysis. We talk about how and why we let it happen, how to shake yourself out of it and how to let it happen a lot less in the future.

I tell Nicola about the Bristol-based Grammar Vigilante and how I have both sneaking regard for him and a terror of becoming him. He sneaks out in the night, and has been doing so for more than a decade, and corrects erroneous shop signs. His speciality is apostrophes and on the topic of whether or not his activities constitute a crime he says “it’s more of a crime to have the apostrophes in the wrong place in the first place”. Ah yes, a man after my own heart. That’ll be why so many tagged me on this story in Facebook then!

Nicola tells me about the seasonal re-opening of the Pefko Taverna and Stella’s delicious fried aubergine slices, a 90-day review and planning exercise* from Chris Barrow and taking on her first first clients in the 12-week BEO (Be Everywhere Online) Mastermind. And about turning her vzine into both a video podcast on iTunes and another audio podcast too and how she’s pleased that all her extra online activity is bringing her good results.

*Here are the four 90-day questions to ask yourself:
  1. Morale: “what were my 5 best achievements from the last quarter?”
  2. Momentum: “what are the 5 areas of focus and progress making me the most confident right now?”
  3. Motivation: “what new things are giving me the greatest sense of excitement going forward?”
  4. Multipliers: “If I could just focus on 5 things that would be the multipliers during the next quarter, what would they be?”

In return I tell her about the diary full of strangers I have in April and about two I’ve spoken to in the last week who are both moving from orthodox and successful careers in mainstream professions and into the wonderful world of woo woo. I use the term spirituality and Nicola takes issue with me because she always thinks that means religion which, to my mind, it does not.

Our words of the week are April (mine), just because it’s all-round lovely and my birthday month, and Re-Purposing  (hers) ‘cos that’s what she’s doing a lot of right now, including the interviews she transcribed for her latest book.

We have a quick look at our download numbers on Libsyn and I am satisfied that three out of the four metrics are either up or up strongly and that’s more right than wrong, which is enough for me. We also touch briefly on another thing I’m noticing in Nicola’s business, in my clients’ businesses and for our podcast – the importance of Instagram, and I’ve asked her to think of educating us some more about Instgram in future weeks.

I am impressed by the ever prodigious output of Daphne Kapsali and her book book For Now: Notes on Living a Deliberate Life, out on 9th April. And her asking all 1600 of her fans on Facebook if we’d like a free copy – yes please! What impresses me about this bold move is that it has the potential to provide her with feedback, blurb, social media “noise”, raving fans, referrals and recommendations and reviews on Amazon, all of which have a value to her as a writer, whilst providing abundance to us her reader group.

A luck would have it, Nicola has recently joined a creative writing group in Stoupa and I ask her to tell us all about it and she also talks about The Snowflake Method of writing a novel. She’s been impressed this week by Dan and Lloyd Knowlton of KPS Digital Marketing, and Nico a waiter in a local restaurant (who rides the motorbike I spotted in a photo she shared) for their all being what she describes as “naturals” at social media, as is Daphne to my mind as I’ve written before in my blog: How to Do Facebook Brilliantly.


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