Podcast Ep 127: Organising Your Thoughts

Today’s Client Challenge of the Week in episode #127 of Own It! the Podcast concerns a couple who have no time and not very much money.

They are very busy making it – and quite scattered – with all their various endeavours in the areas of media and of making, teaching and creating art, some of it very successfully and a lot of it very beautifully indeed.

How could working with a consultant help with organising your thoughts?

Nicola and I debate their various challenges and decide how best to proceed. There’s an E-Myth opportunity for them to step back and review their business, working on it instead of being so terribly busy working in it.

In other news, our words of the week are Be (Nicola’s choice) and Ease (about which more in my newsletter this week).

Nicola tells us about what she’s learning about commas in her creative writing class (to my swoons) and, as she and Sarah prepare to leave Stoupa this coming weekend, they are revelling in the Pefko Taverna while they have the chance. I tell her my clients are on their Easter holidays so I am getting a chance to catch up with personal admin such as the MoT and a haircut.

  • We’ve had a heatwave in the UK and I got sunburned in last weekend’s sunshine in the garden.
  • Nicola’s VA Patricia is having a couple of months off work and sister Sarah has stepped into the outsourcing vacuum.
  • I’m enjoying a lot of PWYW and ad hoc consultations and fabulous feedback from my famous client who says I am doing IMPORTANT work (his caps) and from other lovely clients all around the world. I explain why I think I’ve had this little surge of my online diary filling up, thanks to a marketing pact I made with a client. I often do that to encourage them, especially where their business model is similar to my own.

Own It! is up to #77 in the Top 100 iTunes charts of What’s Hot and download numbers continue to encourage us too. Thanks to all those who have followed Nicola’s video about how to leave a review. Reviews definitely encourage us to keep podcasting for your delectation and delight each week.

When it comes to what’s impressed us this week, for me it is my youngest nephew who is following his golfing dreams and has won a schools alumni tournament he’s been in for several years without becoming champions until this year of 2017. Thirty-six holes a day for three consecutive days, the better you are the more you play, it seems.

And Nicola loves Stoupawatch on Instagram, she who shares her beautiful photos of daily life in the Mani.

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