Podcast Ep 128: Helping Those You Care About Achieve Results

Own It! the Podcast’s 128th show is about how it is to be a coach, cheerleader or chairman to an individual or a team, and how best to help them get their desired results when each human being is unique and cannot be compared, one to another.

My theory is that this is what makes our work fascinating, though I have listened to two people this week share with me their challenges when it comes to people and performance and what impact that has on how they feel about themselves and their businesses.

It wasn’t our intention to take this as our Challenge of the Week, but it turned into that as rather a fascinating discussion broke out. Some business models are utterly predictable, but working with people isn’t one of them! How do we manage our own emotions when some of our clients get better results than others? And the perpetual search is on to help those we care about achieve the results they desire.

In other news, our words of the week are Variety and Flexibility.

Nicola tells us about her return journey from Stoupa to Shoreham where she’ll be based for a couple of months, and about Easyjet’s good customer service at Kalamata airport when their return flight was delayed by a run-in with a flock of birds. Nicola’s gadgets are acting up and she’s surprised by how early we have daylight in the UK on the South Coast, compared to Greece.

I’ve had a haircut, four relaxing days off for Easter, a nice trip to my family for Sunday lunch only to discover my sister-in-law has built herself an Eglu and is anticipating the imminent arrival of three chickens. She gives me some tomato plants and some tips on how to rear them.

Nicola’s been re-doing her webinar slides and discovered something good about her program in so doing. Her children met her and sister Sarah at the airport with a sign that said “Witches!”

We’re still at number 77 in the Top 100 of What’s Hot at iTunes. I think this means we are in the plateau phase and, just like any business, that’s the time to dig in for the desired results.

I’m impressed by the sound of the man who’s going to do my MoT today after a couple of abortive attempts with another garage, and we suggest this might indicate how a one-man band can beat off competition from a national chain. We shall see! Anyway, personal service is what seems to have impressed us both this week.


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