Podcast Ep 129: Top Tips (and Warnings) for Using Instagram

I’ve been nagging Nicola for some time on the podcast to share her top Instagram tips and today’s the day: Twelve Top Tips, three bonus tips (!) and two warnings. How to use Instagram for your business and enjoy it too and one way in which Insty is crucially different from other social media platforms.

If she goes a bit quickly for you in the recording, I have listed the tips below for you and also in the shownotes which I write every week at our Own It! the Podcast website. LISTEN HERE to episode 129 – that’s a quick link to both the audio of the show and the notes about the content.

In other news, our words of the week are Invitation and Adjustment.

Nicola is recently back to Shoreham, having spent six months in Stoupa in Greece. She’s going through that period of adjustment which inspires her choice of her word of the week; it’s been a tad disorientating but perhaps not as much as she might have anticipated. The home she set up for herself has already had to be changed as it had insufficient broadband for her business and leisure purposes. She’s been podcast by a chap in Australia, and sales of her Be Everywhere Online product are good. She’s reading From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin.

I’ve also had a good week, a busy one with eight 1-2-1 sessions and three 90-minute drop in calls with clients since Nicola and I spoke only a week ago. I am having a little surge (renaissance?) in new business including four exciting, juicy and interesting business owners working their way through my induction process and booking themselves into my online diary to see if we would be a good fit, two this week and two more next. April has been a good PWYW month including one new client who is a total stranger which means she can only have found me via Google. The marketing’s working!

A lot of my work this week has involved me with clients in a right old emotional turmoil, which I love (though do not envy) because it gives me a chance to be extra specially useful and supportive to them when they are unsettled by confusion, frustration, overwhelm, exhaustion, sadness, disappointment, anger, fear and money worries. I’ve been sharing my current favourite expression in these circumstances: Let’s just do what’s in front of us today.

Client Opportunity of the Week is all about Instagram. Nicola shares twelve top tips plus three bonus tips (!) and two warnings:

12 Instagram Tips

  1. Choose great pics or take great pics (unusual angles work well)
  2. Mix it up, share business & personal content
  3. Add word content in the caption section – Grum.co helps work on desktop
  4. Use 1 x hashtag in caption section & use location flag too
  5. Research best/obscure hashtags for your content at https://top-hashtags.com/instagram/
  6. Add up to 30 more hashtags in first comment (other comments will hide)
  7. Create 4 – 5 sets of 25 hashtags for your business
  8. Use them plus 5 that are specific to picture content
  9. Create Memes at Canva.com (desktop & mobile app)
  10. Keep your following/follower count at ratio of 1:2 or even better 1:3
  11. Reply to all real-looking comments, build relationships
  12. Get creative, create an Insty post to promote all your other stuff & keep some to rotate regularly for your product, webinar, book etc.
  13. BONUS TIP 1:  Download the Repost app and share other peoples content too
  14. BONUS TIP 2: Automate all your other sharing but do Insty manually, get away from computer!
  15. BONUS TIP 3: Experiment with Insty Live and Insty Stories and save the best ones to your phone to use elsewhere


  1. Don’t be tempted to use Automation Software 2.
  2. Check you’re not Shadowbanned at http://shadowban.azurewebsites.net/

As always, we have a quick squint at our podcast stats on both iTunes and Libsyn and are disappointed that both are not moving more in an upwards direction and faster, impatient like all entrepreneurs, and that measurement in podcasting seems to be so vague. There is even a rumour that the What’s Hot and New & Noteworthy charts at iTunes have not been updated for MONTHS!

And finally we are impressed by good people (me) and young people and their opportunities and fearlessness (Nicola).


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