Podcast Ep 130: Calculating Your Advertising Budget

In today’s episode #130 of Own It! the Podcast we talk about how you might go about calculating your advertising budget.

Nicola goes into some detail about the sums – webinars, clicks, registrations, attendees and sales.

She reminds us you will need to know that you have a product which is selling already and some money to set aside for a budget and suggests that a return of £2 on a £1 spend might be a good place to start.

She walks us through in real money what that means in her own business and how she discovered what might turn out to be a better way for her to achieve results with her own sales.

We start by comparing notes on our week, the week in which I had a birthday and she forgot! In the event my birthday was postponed due to me manifesting some excruciating back pain which put me very definitely not in the mood for a party. Also I woke up to no water so no shower which kiboshed any plans to go out for the day. Fortunately the three-day holiday weekend more than made up for any losses and I returned to work both rested and keen as mustard, absence making the heart grow fonder.

Nicola describes returning to the UK’s somewhat grey and drizzly weather being unsettling and how she is missing the sunshine in Stoupa in Greece. The day of recording was her daughter’s birthday and she tells us about the unepected gift and the slap up family treat in Brighton.

Then it’s all talk of webinars and how to get people to attend, turn up and buy and what to invest in that and what sort of returns on your investment to expect. The maths is great!

Our words of the week are Budgets and Obdurate and then Nicola whizzes me through our podcast’s stats for the week, nothing exceptional to report there.

She then enthuses with me about the Passport Office, reinforcing my own good story from earlier in the year, and I tell her about my new passion for AB crystal jewellery. Were I looking for a new hobby (which I am not) and were collectibles my thing (which they are very definitely not – clutter!) I would be all in. So pretty! The AB stands for aurora borealis which is a coating the beads receive which means they reflect all the colours of the rainbow in the right light.


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