Podcast Ep 131: Doubting Your Business Model

In episode #131 of Own It! the podcast we deal with a client challenge of the week, sent in by a listener who is herself already a marketing expert.

She wanted to know if we could see any wrinkles to recommend to a client of her own, a potter, who is becoming somewhat despondent beginning to doubt her business model, and impatient with her results from social media.

Despite only recently having started to learn from our listener, her consultant, how to do social media and taken to it like a duck to water, how can she improve both her footfall to her real world shop and her online sales?

Nicola and I pile in with some observations and ideas which we hope will help both our listener and her client, both of whom are doing so much right already.

In other news, our words of the week are Passion and Vibe.

Nicola’s travelled from Shoreham to Sunderland to stay with client and regular listener Irene who got her out on the beach for a long walk where they met Paul, a former London photographer, and keep collecter of seaglass and driftwood which he turns into jewellery and artwork and sells it around the world via his Etsy shop, a good tip for our potter too.

Join Paul’s free Facebook group here.

We talk about passive listening and how that’s a good thing for the podcast, cars coming off the assembly lines with the podcast app already installed and intelligent home hubs also increasing the audience for ad-free radio (podcasting).

Nicola is inspired by Gary Vee and me by Paul Ainsworth on Masterchef, encouraging the finalists with the sort of coaching I believe in, nurturing, loving, kind and genuine, instead of the bullying and shouting we more typically see on that programme.

I talk about turning away a couple of clients I felt I couldn’t help, both of which involved business plans (I’d rather stick pins in my eyes!). And how I got the opportunity this week to do some lovely fun things including brainstorming a strapline, and being interviewed for a guest blog on a website which seems to have adopted me as their Small Business Oracle, for which I love them very much indeed.

I am also on the receiving end of two very lovely bits of feedback:

Podcast feedback for my lovely coach!

There was a bit in the last podcast at about 9 minutes in, where you talk about what a joy it is helping clients with their emotions.  I found it so moving, I listened back a couple of times, I even played it to my husband!  If anyone wants to know what it’s like to be coached by you, get them to listen to just that 30 seconds or so, as for me it encapsulates the experience perfectly, particularly after our email exchange last week. Your words and voice in that short section reveal a genuine depth of feeling, and project a sense of safety and trust that I have come to cherish.”

Ah, bless you, Beloved.

And then this from another Little Squidger…

…”absolutely bloody brilliant, thank you. I am SO excited to work with you and I’m not exaggerating either when I say that this week has been a bloomin’ corker. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself x”

After those two emails, my fire for my business was well and truly fuelled up.


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