Podcast Ep 132: Your Ideal Client (Again!)

We make no apologies for returning again to the matter of your ideal client, your customer avatar and who you should be aiming your business at. Nicola was wrestling with this dilemma in her own business again and so we debated that. Should she be seeking out specialist consultants with whom she feels she has achieved her best results for clients in the past? Or, given that she wants to do more consulting, is she looking at identifying corporates who do not yet have in-house specialists in online marketing?

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In other news our words are Offline (mine) and Fictive (hers) which was somewhat confusing during the recording as I thought she spelled out Fictibe to me, and I couldn’t make any sense of that at all with what she was telling me the word meant. It was only afterwards when I looked it up, I worked out what she was on about. Don’t worry, that’s quite normal between us two!

We were both offline last week, me for a couple of days at the beginning of the week and Nicola for a couple of days at the middle/end of the week, which meant we couldn’t get together to record the show. So this week we are doing two recordings, one on Monday and the next on Thursday which is going to be our new recording day so that Nicola can go to fortnightly creative writing classes on Wednesday mornings.

Nicola’s returned to Stoupa in Greece faster than intended, once she realised that people go there for seven days so she might as well go for five weeks between now and her trip to Oz in June. She was recognised on the “school bus” from Kalamata airport and out and about locally despite being somewhat disguised by a floppy hat, sunglasses and kaftan!

Given our experiences offline, including my brother’s 60th birthday party, we were both obliged to consider life as it is lived in different ways and remember how many people are not like us, addicted to and relient upon tech working as it is supposed to. I am more and more keen on not sitting at my desk which is encouraging me by literally becoming less and less physically comfortable too.

Being offline also meant no boring bit in this week’s show about our own podcast stats as Nicola hadn’t yet had a chance to catch up with work. Me either. I reckon I have two weeks’ work to fit into this week.

When it comes to who or what’s impressed us, mine was my May Lucky Winner, a 45 year-old woman who’s bought a house in Greece on Corfu and is planning to spend six months of each year there. And Nicola’s was excited about some inventors who’d found a way to keep dust from settling on solar panels in India.


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