Podcast Ep 134: Creating an Audience

In episode 134 of Own It! the Podcast, Nicola and I get the chance to advise a couple of her clients on creating an audience and marketing from scratch. I didn’t know this one was coming so when Nicola asked me what I would advise clients to do in mid 2017 I am initially a bit stumped.

I have a sense in which if I were starting over now, I wouldn’t do what I have done. Not because it hasn’t worked wonderfully well, because it has. But because it was perhaps particularly suited to its time (2003 to date). If were I starting again now I think I might be tempted to go for a combination of Facebook page and profile and ads, plus Mailchimp because I love to write those weekly newsy newsletters on a Friday.

I have spent a lot of money historically on websites which today I might channel instead into a FB advertising budget online. But who knows?

Nicola’s had a consultation with at least one of her new clients and made it all about a twelve month marketing plan, focusing on quick wins and low-hanging fruit, working out what content creation the client is just naturally good at and leveraging that, having something to sell, list-building and focusing on just one main social media platform, or at least leading with it. I don’t disagree with her advice but I do consider it is very much depends on the type of business.

One thing we are both agreed upon is not to wait until you have something to sell before you start to build an audience for it.

In other news, Nicola’s life has been much eased by the discovery of antihistimine, and I’ve had three days of Bank Holiday fun, sunshine and brass band music, not to everyone’s taste I appreciate. I’m still ruminating on the sort of writing I want to be doing (longish opinion pieces?) and where (Facebook page and Note?) and I tell Nicola how I write them in my head, perhaps even in my sleep, and I don’t want to be spending more time sitting at my desk so I’m working on ways to make this work, hence the ongoing rumination.

Nicola reminds the listener of Medium, Trint and Rev.com.

Our words of the week are Clarity and Rest.

I’m impressed with the quality and variety of writing on The Guardian app and Nicola has discovered novelist Kate Atkinson.


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