Podcast Ep 135: Jack of All Trades

Spookily, the Client Challenge of the Week that Nicola brings to today’s show is precisely what I was talking to a new client about yesterday. In anticipation of our first call, he sent me four weblinks to current projects, and when I laughed and asked if he’d read my One (Wo)an One Website post, he sent me a whole load more!

I decided to withhold judgement until I’d spoken to him, but we did end up going to the place I thought we inevitably would, that of streamlining his existing commitments to ensure he continues to earn the reliable income he needs and wants to support his current busy family lifestyle, while freeing up enough time to focus on the new and exciting opportunity, one which I also really believe has legs.

In Episode 135 of Own It! the Podcast, Nicola is in Cardiff visiting a client with the same challenge, multiple businesses. What would we advise? Do you want to be a Jack of All Trades, Master of None? Where’s the profit in that?

Both Nicola and I have fallen into this trap in the past, trying to be one entrepreneur who runs more than one business at any one time. Neither of us believe it can be done successfully; we have become fans of focus, we’ve had that beaten into us by experience. However, there ARE things you can do to park, prioritise and choose between your babies, and to look at those already created as business assets to be managed, outsourced or sold to create the space you want to focus on your one new passion project.

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be a matter of money -v- passion? In which case, what do you do when you fall in love with the new and cannot wait to get started on it? How do you evaluate that it is a better bet than the one you already have…and other dilemmas. Today’s show debates a fascinating topic close to both our hearts and minds.

In other news, our words of the week are Mojo and Perspective and we explain why.

Nicola’s back from sunny Greece and staying in rainy Wales to consult with a client, before her travels take her to Brisbane next week, Chipping Norton the week after that and Paris at the end of the month. She’s a proper digital nomad now. She’s excited about helping an affiliate marketing colleague for a fee and she’s also in with a chance of winning a prize since she features in the top 20 of his leader board too.

I’ve enjoyed a few days off work since there were no SBBM calls last week. A friend came to play for the day, the weekend was scorchio sunny and I got burned BBQing in the garden. There were two new strangers in my diary, always a delight, and yesterday there were even two men, which is a rarity back-to-back like that in one day.

Our podcast stats continue to improve slowly but surely. Download numbers last week were impressive and perhaps as a result of that we moved up one place to #76 in the iTunes Top 100. Slow and steady appears to win this race too.

We are impressed by Gary Vee on Planet of the Apps, Tokio Myers the winner of this year’s BGT (not a dog for a change!) and Dr Malcolm Tunnicliff at King’s College Hospital in London who, on receiving 14 casualties from the knife terror attack at London Bridge, told his patients “You are safe. We’re going to look after you. You’re going to be fine.” He’s my kinda guy at my lifelong local hospital, and he and his colleagues across the UK are angels one and all.


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