Podcast Ep 136: An Ounce of Courage Every Day

Nicola has flown all the way to Brisbane, despite the laptop ban (which turned out not to affect her outward journey) and my advice LOL.

She’s speaking this coming weekend for Neil Asher at his Aussie Entrepreneurs event as is fellow Brit Matt Duggan who we often mention on the podcast.

Neil is with Nicola during the recording of our shortest show ever, #136. This is partly due to her jetlag and also that he offered us Fear of Failure for Client Challenge of the Week, a topic which neither of us turned out to have very much to say about. Well, that’s a first!!

Nevertheless we brainstorm some thoughts we hope will be useful to our listeners, mine is about drumming up an ounce of courage every day, Neil’s about making decisions -v- staying with the discomfort you already know, and Nicola’s about finding a mentor with whom you resonate who has already achieved what you want to and one who can demonstrate that.

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Several of my SBBM clients have recently had to face their fear of failure. My favourite and first personal development book was Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and I rather agree that the only way to face down fear is to go through it. It is fascinating how wonderful they all feel after they have done this. They doubted, but they conquered their fears. That’s a world-beating feeling. Imagine being able to feel that and channel it on demand in your cellular memory too. How useful!

I think if we can find just an ounce of courage today and tomorrow, every day, then we are well on the way to becoming the entrepreneur and human being we want to be, not that there’s owt much wrong with us now either, it’s just that sometimes we might want and need to be brave.

Speaking of which, today’s words of the week are Bravery (Nicola’s) and Niggardly (mine). Be careful how you say that one and spell it, it is apparently an old Norse word and definitely has no connection to the other N word we know and avoid. To the enlightened, its spelling would reveal that anyway.

Sleeplessness is an early theme of this week’s show, Nicola on a plane to Australia and me up all night for our Election 2017 results last Thursday and then all night on Saturday for a party celebrating my niece’s 30th birthday in a bar in London. It was a wonderful night, with an almost full moon as I drove home, and a light sky which didn’t appear to fully darken at all that night. I was reminded that we are not far off the Shortest Day, indeed that will have happened by the time you read this. Downhill to the darkness after that (you have been warned!).

Nicola’s really looking forward to public speaking again, something she’s always enjoyed and she discovers she is ready to get back to doing more of it. My fire has been fuelled by this being the second week running where 50% of my online diary availability has been booked by prospective new clients. I wonder what the upsurge is about given that they all came from different routes (podcast, referral, work I did in 2014, Google search/SEO, one blast from the past, and one a man who says he likes my woo woo take on biz). Four brits, one Canadian and a Kiwi, so we can’t even say it is post-Election optimism.

Own It! the podcast is up one notch in the ITunes charts which pleases us, as always.

Nicola is impressed by customer service in many different guises at the Radisson Blu in Cardiff and this causes me to observe that they must have some fantastic staff training in operation and to hope that it is chain-wide. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, not least because there is a Radisson Blue on my favourite Caribbean island, although I note it has recently been re-branded. Hopefully their staff have been as well trained, and retained in the switch.

I am impressed by my client Joanna Urwin of VideoProFrance.com who noticed Facebook’s offer today of new functionality on her page, that of being able to put a video in her banner instead of a still image, and she’d got one up there in that space before I’d even got out of bed this morning, even given that the podcast recording was one hour earlier than normal to accommodate Nicola’s Brisbane time difference. And even allowing for Joanna’s time advantage of one hour over the UK, I am impressed by her fast-action taking.

Joanna is a member of Small Business Big Magic, and her asking us to test the video in her banner in our group brought forth the news from another member, Susan Weeks of PodcastProgress.com, that Facebook are also rolling out FB Audio, just like FB Video but without the moving images. Fab for those of us with a penchant (and a face!) for radio and HATE HATE HATE video. Stop me when you remember who that is! Actually I don’t HATE all video, just those that over-share, make me squirm and/or talk about inanities and/or go on far too long. That certainly rules out most of them, which is why I give video a very wide berth. #Dinosaur, I know. But happily only in this regard. And I know what I like and what I cannot abide. Rant over.

Nicola and I will be able to do cut down versions of the podcast (once they allow there to be more than one person, additional functionality coming soon apparently) and meanwhile I will be able to broadcast audio via Facebook which I find very appealing, and eventually I will be able to do phone-ins – yay! Thanks Susan for the heads up, and although it hasn’t arrived with me yet, I am optimistic it will soon, and excited. Great way to begin my day with an excitement vibe.


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