Podcast Ep 137: Nobody Likes Change

Nicola has a client who is going through some changes in her business and attempting to take her clients with her. They are cutting up rough, and I’m not surprised.

  • When I sold my accountancy business, my staff didn’t like it and my clients weren’t all that keen either.
  • When my optician sold his business, well… suffice to say I’m still not over it yet.
  • When Sage and Facebook make changes, I’m grumpty.
  • When Anne French discontinued their fragrance free cleansing milk in the Nineties, I’m still mourning that loss too!

Nobody likes change, despite it being our only constant. Change moved Dr Johson to say:

“All change is of itself an evil, which ought not to be hazarded but for evident advantage.”

Suffice to say that both Nicola and I and, more importantly, the client can all see the evident advantage that she, a busy wife and mother, will achieve when she has completed her switch in business models from face to face and 1-2-1 to an online membership club.

But, until then, I’m with her clients. I’d be cutting up rough too. We debate what to do about it and come up with a way forward during the transition.

Listen here to Episode 137 of Own It! the Podcast: Managing Client Change.

In other news, our words of the week are Transition (hers) and Pootling (mine), and we both pick former student entrepreneurs as our inspiration. Nicola’s is Steven Bartlett and mine is Junior Ogunyemi.

We talk briefly about making some changes to the podcast which I feel is flatlining according to our stats, and promise to have a review of that during August while I’m on holiday and Nicola is podcasting with my five stand-ins: Jo, Lisa, Rosie, Susan and Georgina.

Nicola’s recently back from a successful speaking gig in Brisbane and fired up by talking to a brand new market. She has an idea for a new business or product as she downgrades it to when I attempt to dissuade her. I do that because my opinion is that she’s better at teaching and inspiring, than delivering/managing others doing that, although she can turn her hand to it, of course. She’s also enjoyed a couple of her Dinner and A Day sessions during June with clients in Cardiff and Chipping Norton, and hopes to do more of those.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the heatwave we’ve been experiencing in England, with lots of al fresco time in the garden including putting on a surprise birthday lunch for a lovely old friend of mine. And my fire has been fuelled by calculating that clients in Small Business Big Magic have been with me for between one and 3.5 years and in Club 100 for even longer, from between 2 and five years. My recurring realisation is that the longer clients are with me, the deeper the rapport and the relationship, the more fun it is for me and the better results they achieve. A truly virtuous circle.


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