Podcast Ep 138: Getting Off the Starting Blocks

In today’s episode of Own It! the Podcast Nicola and I debate how our entrepreneur clients seem to crave certainty. As I write that I am aware that that sentence makes no sense whatsoever, since being an entrepreneur is absolutely the antithesis of certainty LOL! In fact, after a while, it is precisely what you will like best about working for yourself, that there is very little certainty, lots of variety and that everything changes all the time. Just. Like. Life. What are we like with our cravings?

Nevertheless we debate what we of us would try to get clients to do to help them to take action rather than just talking about it, how we would talk them down from a need for perfectionism or certainty, and talk them out of the desire for a maximum win from minimum effort. Today’s show is all about getting off the starting blocks.

I have accepted that all of my clients move at different speeds from fast to medium to slow to positively snail-like, and that is absolutely fine by me because I know they appreciate the tailored support. Nicola would be even happier with her clients if they were a better match to her own personality profile, fast-start action taker. In this, as in so many other ways, we are significantly different in style, and therein lies the podcast dramatic tension.

Listen here to episode #138 of Own It! the Podcast.

In other news, Nicola was supposed to be recording today’s show from Paris but the delights of the south coast of England, and of London, tempted her to stay in the UK until she returns to her new home in Greece this weekend. She also managed to get away with having her laptop in the cabin on her return from Australia recently, after we were both so upset about the prospect of being parted from our gadgets. Good news.

I’ve opened up more availability in my online diary which is exciting me. My own coaching and mentoring business has lots of new client prospects right now which is wonderful and causing me to fall even more deeply in love with my own business at the time of writing. That’s a topic I’ve debated with a far-flung client via Facebook PM, how we both fall into and out of love with our own businesses, over and over.

Nicola and her sister Sarah and her daughter Phoebe had a meeting on Monday in which they are mapping out how the trio can offer a Done For Your service of Nicola’s Be Everywhere Online offer. And I tell Nicola how delighted I am that I have finally, finally, finally worked out what I want my Proper Book to be about, after a tiny ephiphany whilst out driving the car last weekend.

To that end, I am studying Scrivener for Windows (which I have owned for ages) using an excellent course I invested £10 in at Udemy. I am struggling but in an enjoyable way as I really do not like video at all but Scrivener’s own in-built tutorials are, to use Nicola’s own word, pants. Sorry, Scrivener, but this is a well-acknowledged fact.

Our words of the week are Adaptable (her) and Exposure (me). There’s no new news about the podast itself, we couldn’t get into Libsyn (password issues) and we know there’s been no change in the iTunes charts, we remain rather fixedly at #76 right now.

Nicola is impressed by me and my booky wook, and I am impressed by Monday’s new client prospect who adapted very well to me telling her what to do in the twin crises in her business and her life right now. I felt I needed to help her to clear the “swirling emotions”, another podcast expression. And I tell Nicola how I am really enjoying using and teaching a technique right now where I show clients how to park any particular problem in a box marked Nine to Five, so that they can get some let up from those exhausting feelings in the rest of their waking hours, otherwise they are not fit for achieving anything of value towards sorting out the problems under review.


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