Podcast Ep 140: One to One -v- One to Many

Nicola receives a wonderful challenge for our theme of the week, from one of those she met on her recent trip to Oz:

“Our issue is that the vast majority of clients to our private psychology practice do not want to be identified. That is, people who experience depression, grief, anxiety, relationship issues etc do not want to be ‘seen’ by others. This makes it difficult to create a community.

This limits us a bit. We are trying to leverage our time by somehow going from the ‘one on one’ counselling sessions to ‘one to many’ opportunities. Not sure yet what this looks like – other than Nicola has helped us identify ways to build our audience through our blog, videos, Facebook page etc. This is something we are actively working on now but need to find ways to monetize our business through non face-to-face clients in the future, to release us from tying our money to our time.

The other significant issue is that our governing body in Australia does not allow us to use testimonials to promote our business, even unsolicited ones.”

So, they are not allowed to use testimonials in their marketing. And their existing clients want privacy, not to be identified in a group. Dear me. Impossible! It’s a stonking challenge. I do think it is possible, just like a previous challenge a week or so back, that new clients will take up a community one to many offering where existing clients may not. Why would those who love it as it is want to change? Don’t expect them to is my advice. Conclude your work with them while creating your new community offering for all new clients.

This challenge also reminds me of someone in the front row of the first audience Nicola got me to speak to at Gatwick in March 2005, just after my mother died. The woman asked me how E-Myth principles could be applied to coaching. I told her that, irony of ironies, it is my opinion they do not, even that they should not, and that I became a coach precisely so that I could be with people in a therapeutic way and mostly one to one.

Presumably our counselling couple with this week’s conundrum became psychologists for the same reason? In which case they’d be better off doing what I attempted to do, use the other lanes of the wealth highway to create wealth so that they can afford to keep on doing what they love, assuming they do still love counselling. And if they no longer want to be psychologists, then perhaps the time has come to get out.

Meanwhile, if it were me, I would use their current practice as the “day job” to pay bills and create savings for investments en route to financial freedom and ultimate choice about what they do with their time. We believe they have already started along these lines since they are part of Neil Asher’s online Aussie Entrepreneurs group seeking to make money on Amazon.


In other news, our words of the week are Moxie (me) and Responsibility (her). Nicola chose her word because she has been called a closed-minded Satanist (!) by a random visitor to her website, now blocked.

I describe the deluge of phone calls and emails I received after I bagged a new domain at Go Daddy but omitted to take up the £4.99 privacy option, which may have been a false economy looking back. However, I checked my account at Go Daddy and several of my domain names are not private and I have never been subjected to such treatment historically.  I believe this also to be a sign of the times, our first of today, at least one other follows.

Nicola’s been relieved of a lot of tasks in her business by her team who accused her a couple of weeks back of being the bottleneck, and she’s way ahead of herself in her video content creation so she’s been freed up at last to live the “& Your Life” part of the podcast’s mission and title. This takes the form of more time to think (yay!) and plenty of time for relaxing on the beach in Stoupa and swimming in the lovely sea there.

I’m interested in what seems to be going on in my marketing, namely that my website seems to be less and less important and Facebook more so, as people are becoming clients without going anywhere near my website or newsletter. Even those that visit my website appear not to read it, instead choosing to use the Contact form to write and ask me how we can work together and how much it costs, all of which is fully explained there. Weird. I see this as a sign, of what I am not yet sure except it is a sign of change.

Other podcast news includes the fact that June was our highest download month since January.

I update listeners on progress with my book. I have dummied up a cover to inspire me and put it on my desktop and shared it in one of my Facebook groups and on my Page. I am now 79% through my Scrivener training and looking forward to a couple of tantalisingly-named modules at the end of the course which I now have well in my sights. I am not an expert by any means, but this initial overview means I know where to look for what I need. I am glad I did it this way.

We are impressed by Meryl of Bean Ninjas (NC) , Andy Murray’s feminism (me) and (both of us) the baddies on Poldark in the shape of evil George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) and unctuous Revd Whitworth (Christian Brassington). No wonder actors relish playing roles like that.


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