Podcast Ep 141: Investing in a Business App

Today’s client challenge of the week is brought to us by former Club 100 client Karen Wilmot, who lives in Oman. Karen is The Virtual Midwife, and she wanted to know should she be investing in a business app, so that clients around the world can have a wonderful easy and accessible way to work with her on their breathing during pregnancy and labour.

Given the average age of a woman having a baby would put her right in the app generation I think it’s a good idea. And Nicola gives us chapter and verse on how much it costs to get an app, both up-front and ongoing, and the reasons why she thinks you might get one.

Karen thought it might be possible to claw back some of the app’s development costs by selling it on iTunes but Nicola discourages this initially. She suggests a paid level of membership later, but explains to Karen and listeners that an app is a communications tool and a promotional way of connecting with potential future customers. She shares her own experiences of becoming an app owner, and what she likes best about it.

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In other news, our words of the week are Bonkerness (mine) and Kotopoulo (Nicola’s started her Greek lessons, that’s Greek for chicken!).

Nicola’s had a lovely week at the beauty salon, at the beach, at a free Indonesian meal and hosting Write Club at her house. She’s really getting into the & Your Life bit of our podcast as I said last week. Remember how reluctant and even fearful she was when I first suggested it in the early summer of 2016? Clearly it is now joyous, and habit-forming.

My week has involved two days doing accounts for a friend, and it took me right back a decade or so to the days when I loved nothing better than communing with my computer via Sage to produce something meaningful for my client, and then explaining it to them, educating them along the way and helping them to learn to love accounts. I was a bit wobbly on Sage at first, and then it all came back. It seems accounting is like riding a bike!

My fire is fuelled by ongoing evidence to support that more people (strangers in my diary) are contemplating investing in business coaching and mentoring than has been the position for the last few years. A resurgence of interest and affordability? I do hope so. Or just a vibrational match for how much I love my own business right now, what with the book and all?

I’m talking to people in types of businesses I haven’t coached before or for a while – a fitness studio, a photographer, a professional association and a retail consultant and that’s just this week and next. And they are finding me via all sorts of different routes – searching online (yay!), referrals, Facebook and the podcast. I don’t care how you get here, just get here if you can.

Nicola’s had a newbie give her a little wobble about the content and the more senior members of her Inner Circle being offputting to the online starter, but I dissuade her from changing anything, reminding her that we cannot help all of the people all of the time and mustn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater in order to accommodate one person’s feedback necessarily. Not yet, anyway. She’s already bought the domain name, so I hope she’ll park that idea for the moment.

Nicola says the podcast stats reveal the podcast is straight-lining for the 10 day, 30 day and 90 day averages and apparently this is a good thing (?). And we debate Gary Vee’s article about audio and voice being 1.5x more popular than video, music to my ears (literally). His article mentions things like Siri and Alexa and honestly I have no idea how or why people use those but if it’s good for our podcast, then I’m happy that they do.

I report that I am up to 89% completed on my Scrivener training in preparation for starting my book writing in August and I confess to a little scarcity around noticing that other people are starting to share similar messages online. Nicola thinks it is only my RAS being sensitive to that message, but I’m not so sure. Either way, I shall put it out of my mind and crack on, as is my wont.

Finally, we are impressed by Nicola Bird’s iced cupcakes, 70 flower-topped ones for school, and that the new Dr Who is a woman. Nicola’s started Greek lessons and is very happy with her new teacher, Marina, and GreekPod101.


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