Podcast Ep 142: Working or Paying for Website Traffic

Today Nicola and I debate the different ways to create traffic for your website, or Facebook Page or opt-in. Nicola likes to pay for her traffic and automate the process as much as possible. I, on the other hand, do the opposite – typical! I do what she calls working for it, which means blogging and social media. I don’t pay. Yet. But there’s one vital difference beween us two – she’s selling digital products, and I’m selling a service. I’m selling me. So I don’t see it so much as work as sharing myself online with my potential client.

We talk about SEO (search engine optimisation) and I share the thoughts of the consultant who does mine at my website, and why she thinks it has just started to work rather better after two years. Nicola talks about how one of her offers started off gangbusters, then just tailed off and there’s no way to work out why. And we debate how constant content creation and changing your offers so they are always refreshing is exhausting for both creator and consumer.

With all that in mind, how on earth is an entrepreneur supposed to create offers that convert?

This topic is on my mind very much right now as I notice social media working better and better for me, and trad methods (website, blogging and email marketing) performing less and less well. I keep saying that if I were starting over, I’d hook Mailchimp up to my Facebook page and do away with a website altogether, but let’s see! First step is for me to find out more about creating a great Facebook page before I even get into paying for FB ads (for my book perhaps).

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In other news, our words of the week are Renewal (hers) and Hard (mine). She’s been out and about in Stoupa talking to a new friend about being a landlord, and trying out her new “be more like Judith” skills of being direct and honest, with mixed results so far. She’s working with one of Bean Ninjas’ UK helpers to get herself sorted out with her accounting, and she describes herself as methodical and organised when it comes to creating a big new chunk of work, a recurring summit which she calls “a front-end marketing initiative”. It’s all Greek to me.

My news is that I have found the name of the book we wanted to know about in epsidoe 140 of the show about the Aussie psychologist who wants to move his business model from 1:1 to one to many, and it lends itself perfectly to that. His name is Lindsay Spencer-Matthews and his book is Why Clever People Do Dumb Things: 9 Steps To Help You Feel As Successful On The Inside As You Appear On The Outside, and there’s his 9 step program right there!

I tell Nicola that I’m writing this week’s newsletter on the topic of three new male clients who have come into my business, fathers all, who tell me they are working child-friendly hours precisely so they can be home with the kids in the afternoons and evenings. It was so refreshing to hear this from men, after women have been telling it me for what feels like forever. This shouldn’t be remarkable in 2017 but it still is and I am optimistic, of course I am, that this is the tide turning and I am spotting a trend that will stick. Well done for wanting to be real fathers and hands-on parents and partners, you guys. May you just be the visible head and a whole queue of self-employed chaps after your own hearts.

I’ve organised my diary for my annual August “off”. I do fewer 1-2-1 coaching calls than normal (there’s a message on my online diary to that effect) during holiday months, and I’ve set aside 15 days for breaking the back of writing my book – if you can call that a month off?

I’m not doing the podcast during August, as ever, and have set up five fabulous women to stand in for me – Georgina, Jo, Susan, Lisa and Rosie, and although I am standing by to continue to do the show notes each week, that will lessen my workload during the month and bring me back refreshed in September. I have already flagged to Nicola that it would be great to discuss Chris Barrow’s July newsletter in one of our September Client Challenges. And that September will see our 150th show recorded on 21st September for broadcast on 29th which only happens to be her birthday!

I’ve completed my Scrivener training and written 3,722 words for the intro to my book which I already know is Far. Too. Long but hey, it was in the middle of me getting stung by a wasp last Sunday and, anyway, you do know it is harder to write shorter don’t you?

Nicola’s tweaked the keywords on our podcast, I’ve warned her that could take two years for us to see the benefit (see above) as she’s most enthusiastic to see what is known as a hockey stick, signs of our podcast really taking off especially in view of our upcoming 150th milestone show.

I’m impressed by those five women stepping up and grabbing the challenge of podcasting with Nicola during my annual break, and she’s impressed by the Aussie Entrepreneurs in her membership site because they are turning up and taking action and she always loves that. And by Bloomberry.com which enables you to discover the three most asked questions in your niche.

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