Podcast Ep 149: To Do Lists

Today on Own It! the Podcast, we are up to show 149 and it’s all about Confidence, Belief and To Do Lists. Nicola and I rehearsed in advance that we would talk about the tyranny of the To Do List, but (typically) she surprised me on the day by rolling another couple of aspects into it, namely self-confidence and self-belief. She is seeing them all very much intertwined this week in her work with her clients and club members.

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Nicola and I swapped some thinking about To Do Lists and clients showing up with them or without them, who they enable and who disable, how for some people they can just seem to get longer and longer which is exhausting, a woman’s work is never done, yada, yada, yada. She explained why she thought the concepts of confidence and belief were related and she gave me a good coaching question “What’s the alternative?” and I gave her a good one “Or you could just change your mind!”, mine not so much a question as a provocative suggestion.

In the show we talk about our week, her kids going from Stoupa in Greece where she now lives as a digital nomad, and her sister coming out on the same airport run. She’s started her new term of the writing club she attends where they are considering starting their own podcast and also anticipating the arrival of lots of authors to Stoupa too. Nice, since what I wanted to talk about all day to the exclusion of all else was me becoming precisely that, for the first time in my life, an author. Exciting times!

I tell Nicola about meeting the long-promised man of my dreams at the front door yesterday, and debating every single comma with Grammarly and Word obliging me to reduce the number of times I use the words actually and indeed in my forthcoming tome.

Nicola’s up to weeks two and three of her 12-week challenge to her client Kate to Be Everywhere Online and already Kate and Nicola are thrilled by their results. I blab all over her with my ebullience about working with Lisa at Fink Cards on my own set of author cards to go with the book, and a quiz which will work nicely in tandem too, buying my first ever ISBN number, my renewed focus on Facebook Pages (still!), my enthusiasm for my Insights there and the inkling that I might finally see a reason to buy a smartphone, for ease of Messenger use with clients and potential clients on the go. I shall need a whopper of a screen though.

Our words of the week are Confidence (hers) and Question(s) (mine), given that I’ve got questions in my book (yours to me) and in my cards and quiz (mine to you) and about my opportunity to become Fulfilled by Amazon, courtesy of Lisa and the cards.

Project updates include a couple of spikes in our podcast download numbers which always gees us up a bit, and my book stats – 57,000 words written with about 1,000 more to do. Now I am focusing with the designer on graphics which is normally not my strong suit but I am finding an enthusiasm for it because I love my book and I am proud of it. I am talking to a publicist about setting me up with a blog tour and the first printout of the book landed on my desk with reassuring heft, all 224 pages of it; it will get shorter as I made an elementary schoolgirl layout error. Editing on paper is a whole different experience again from doing that online. Who knew?

Nicola is impressed by her client MarkPearsonOnline.com and encourages us to swing by and leave his brand new blog some encouragement which I do, and I am impressed by how well my little audios at AudioBoom have performed since February 2016 when I recorded them they have enjoyed over 1,000 listens so I am sharing them again 18 months later and they are getting a whole new audience which is a fabulous re-use of old content.

I also tell N about Melodie my new VA Partner in the states who is geekier than me and older than me, the first person I’ve met in ages who is that. VERY reassuring! We get on like a house on fire and I tell N and our listeners something I learned from Melodie and which I have already shared with my clients, as follows:

I told her that I really liked what she did when we first met on FB but that I would like to be able to explain it to my clients. My memory was that I liked her FB biz page and that then I received a special personal message from her. I asked her was it automated, although I got the sense that it was not. She replied that she liked to do that herself. I asked her how.

“What I do when someone likes my page, first I click on their name because you have that information, and I look at their profile and, from their profile, I look for their business page because we’re not friends yet. So if they’ve done their Facebook profile properly in that it links through to their Facebook Page, I can usually find their FB Page right away.”

She says “That way I can promote your business at the same time as I’m welcoming you to my page.” Hmm, not sure about this since she linked to my profile, not my page, see below. Really she promoted me by linking to me, and my business indirectly since my profile DOES link to my page.

I asked her if she could remember what she said ‘cos I couldn’t find it, erroneously believing she had sent some form of a personal message because that’s what it felt like. See how Melodie did that here.

This is on her own business page so there’s no Messenger stuff going on, unlike what remembered, but it does link to me on her page, that’s the win: win and I feel special because she is the first ever person I think to welcome me to her business page. And I remembered it and, in the end, it is the reason I hired her because she distinguished herself from the 20+ others I was looking at for the same work. None of the others did that. This woman deserves to do well.

I asked her does she always use the same message for everyone?

Answer “Oh no, it varies based on the person.” She said that after she looks at my page, there might be something there that she can relate to. She said she also goes to my page and scrolls through to see if there’s something she can comment on. And perhaps she might like a post or two, and I’ve returned the compliment once or twice without even thinking about it, just naturally enjoying her page output. So this was also part of her vetting me as a potential client, and correctly working out I was an ideal match for her.

I told her it worked. Nobody’s ever done that before and I’ve told my clients about it and how I intend to do it now too. So she’s inspired me. She says it’s all about making the connection. Never a truer word. This is a woman after my own heart and ethos.

Cut a long story short, last week I had a freebie with her, supposed to be 20 minutes but she let it run over horribly, far worse than I’ve ever done with a potential client. But I left that call booking a $99 paid follow up consultation which we did today. And now she’s quoting to work with me for Phase 1 and there will be Phases 2 and 3 for sure. She’s enticed me into putting a 5-star review on her Page and we are already swapping woo woo manifestation stories.

And we are both agreed “it’s all about engagement.” We are twinnies.

So she wasn’t using Messenger to spam me at all. She welcomed me to her page with a personal message which links through to my personal profile so it felt personal, but it was far better than that. And simpler ‘cos she isn’t spamming anyone! Way to go, Melodie.


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