Podcast Ep 72: The Fine Print

Together with my former business partner from The Money Gym, Nicola Cairncross, we’ve created a regular weekly podcast which is called Own It! Your Business and Your Life. If you enjoy audio, give us a listen. New episodes are published every Friday. You might also join our Facebook Group where we debate matters arising from each episode, and/or Like our Facebook Page where we publish each episode as it goes live each week. You can also subscribe at iTunes.


contract-587249_640In episode 72, we discuss the challenges presented to us as business owners when clients do not behave as expected, and vice versa. Do contracts and terms and conditions help you arbitrate a compromise which suits both parties? Do you have the will to enforce your terms? What if your clients stop paying agreed payment plans, despite having signed a contract?

What if clients suspend active involvement with your core service but still want to enjoy all the other benefits offered by your package? What to do when a refund is requested, unreasonably or otherwise. This week we focus on instalments, contracts and better client qualification before the two parties go into a business relationship in the first place.

In other news we talk about my own dark days over the Easter weekend, a bit of a meltdown about the state of the world. I find my own “cure” in more green smoothies, better control over what I put in my mind and body, throwing myself into my work to take my mind off it and me remembering that writing more is often my cure.

Nicola makes an important discovery about the mobile responsiveness of her own website and issues an important warning to all listeners about their own websites. Have you looked at yours on a smartphone or tablet? Go and do it now and test all functionality. Can you, for instance, get the pop up to disappear or is the little x off-screen? Don’t annoy your visitors!

We talk about a fun domain name brainstorm we enjoyed over the weekend for a new division of Nicola’s existing business and she hints at the scary new marketing methods she will employ. We choose Grit and Sensitive as our words of the week and explain why. I’m excited to be talking to sixteen new clients before I have to charge more to include VAT if my business increases because of my two impending JVs, and I’m impressed by Emil of Fantastic Gardeners and his strimmer which makes short work of the weeds on my patio. A rich and varied week, full of light and shade.

Nicola spent a couple of nights in London last week with #AskGaryVee which has inspired her on the topic of leveraging content across several different formats.

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