Podcast Ep 74: Multiple Social Media Profiles

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In episode 74 we discuss whether or not it’s a good idea to attempt to run multiple social media profiles if you have more than one business or more than one brand name within your existing business. Is that even possible? Do you need to communicate and manage your brand in a different voice for each audience?

Do you watch brands you know and understand, where you shop regularly, and observe how they manage their social media? That’s always a good idea so you can borrow from their best bits. Do they have a friendly sociable voice or are they cold and corporate-sounding, just broadcasting. Who do you know who does this well?

My view, as regular readers will know, is that one woman can only run one website well as that in itself is a full-time job. And that applies to social media too. Since social media is often informal and friendly, if you are trying to speak to more than one avatar or ideal client, then can you keep both in mind when creating and curating content? Have you found your own voice? Are your audience engaging?

In other news we talk about busyness, poker, Facebook live video, Instagram followers, my best ever Pay What You Want donation, having to be clean and tidy and always ready for inspection by the estate agents and buyers now that I am selling my home and we pick the words Adventure and Streamlined as our words of the week.

Nicola’s attracted a rep for her business in the USA and I tell the fascinating psychological sales tip I’ve picked up from the estate agents, to regard all prospects as buyers and call them that too.

Nicola talks about her new choice of theme for the website to go with the second arm of her business, and I update her on how it’s going with Lotto Spring where I’ve been playing the lottery for free since 10th November and my cumulative earnings exceed those I’ve made with Camelot in three decades, all without even having to buy a ticket. Wowser!

Lotto Spring winnings to date


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