Podcast Ep 77: What Is It With Business Partners?

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Business PartnersIn episode 77, Nicola and I discuss being business partners again in the matter of our Virtual Summit called Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle on 18th and 19th June 2016. Client Challenge of the Week is all about the mixed blessing (!) that is a business partner with their different working styles and ethics and values. Fortunately for us the conversation wasn’t triggered by our partnership but by a client who is experiencing some of these frustrations. What’s the solution?

  • A full and frank exchange of views.
  • Clear communication at all times
  • Appreciation of each other’s strengths
  • Patience with each other’s quirks
  • Forgiveness of perceived flaws (how annoying are other people??)
  • Agreeing to contribute work of equal value even if not equal quantity
  • Adapting to each other’s styles of working
  • How now to become a martyr when your partner disappoints

In other news we debate more about PWYW, an opportunity (declined) to gazump the buyer of my flat, my 61st birthday (the Queen’s still working at 90), websites, EPs, Yaro Starak and Jo Barnes agreeing to be guests at our summit, Gumroad (again) and Jo Nesbo.

Words of the week are Immersion and Clarity.

We update listeners on our week-by-week progress towards our summit with just seven weeks to go, booking speakers, filling up the schedule, creating a website, videos, Facebook Ads, products and auto-responders (be still my beating heart). And our Thunderclap campaign having 60% of the required number of sponsors so do please help us if you can, it takes but a moment. Click here to add your votes on social media. Thank you.

And I’m impressed by all those who are playing in #The100DayProject.

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